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New York City - Life and Winter

Ever wonder what is on the other side of the world?  A big city like New York in the coming winter may sound like a good place to be for a visit for any first-timers. For certain people, traveling half way across the globe on a regular basis to reach the US it is not a fun journey to be taken lightly. This is especially relevant for people on a very tight working schedule. Imagine you spend only 2 nights in NY city and before you could recover from your jet lag, you're already heading straight to JFK airport to take a flight home. Sounds crazy.      

New York is either the most overwhelming and chaotic city in America or the warmest, most romantic place on earth. One can venture into its great open spaces (Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge promenade), or just poke around neighbourhood cafes, shops, and galleries. It could be the world’s great walking city. 

Meetings after meetings, a busy traveler does not have time to savoir life like leisure travelers. Best is to get on to bed in the cold winter to catch some sleep after a hefty meal. Time is short in a major city like this. 

There're plenty of gourmet eatery places around NY. Most American food servings are huge potion for the average Asian dining palette. If you don't want to add extra calories onto your diet, it's wise to eat just enough to stay alive for another day.  Restaurants are aplenty around in such a dynamic city where finding Mexicans, Italians, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans foods is not a big issue at all.  Don't put on weight if you're on diet. 

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Coming home to a country without 4 seasons where the weather is constant throughout all year round, our local gourmets such as Paper Tosai, Hor Fun noddle, teh tarik and the likes are a welcoming sight. After all who would be crazy enough to fly half way around the globe in 26 hours (including transit time at Inchoen airport) to reach NY for winter and fly home again in less than 48 hours.

In actual fact after speaking to many people, Western and European loves to come to Asia for their holidays. High cost of living and travelling in those countries made it a better option to choose Asian destinations.  Before you pack your bags for a holiday with high exchange rates e.g. Euro dollars, USD, Sterling, etc. try to imagine why Westerners are flocking here to Asia.  Much cheaper here and our Asia's warm weather is still a paradise on earth. If you haven't get a taste of NY in a cold winter, you will come home to appreciate much of our local delights indefinitely. 

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