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Wat Chinpradittharam - Kelantan's Pidta Supremacy

Wat Chinpradittaram or simply referred as Wat Tendong by locals is a very well known Chinese-Thai temple hidden away from passing motorists.  Wat Chinpradittaram is originally a Chinese-Thai temple built by early Chinese settlers here.  Perhaps after reading this article you may also find your way to this temple during your next visit to Kelantan.

The current abbot is Porthan Goi 'Phra Kru Panyaworatham' is a kindhearted low profile monk.  A brief history of this temple can be traced back to the time when Porthan Lek of Wat Ariyakiri appointed Than Long as the abbot for Wat Chinpradittaram. Not many outsiders know that Than Goi and Than Long are student disciples of Porthan Lek.

According to the story related by Than Goi during my last visit, after a certain period of time Than Long went back to reside at Wat Ariyakiri for some unknown reason.  Than Goi was then being tasked the responsibility to take care of Wat Chinpradittaram until today.  For information, Than Long passed away 10 years later after his return to Wat Ariyakiri.  The avid collectors of Kelantan amulets will surely be familiar with Than Long's famed Phra Khun Paen that is closely associated with its origin place of creation in Wat Tendong.  

Wat Chinpradittaram is also well known for its Phra Pidta supremacy following Bangsek's genre style.  However, this is not known to the masses.  This can be due to the small quantity of Pidta sanctified by Porthan Goi being taken away (rented) quickly once it's officiated.  Porthan Goi's Pidta Bangsek is gaining popularity of late for its efficacy and high protective power. Apart from this, his floral bath is also said to be very good.  So, the next time if you got the chance to visit him request for floral bath to rid off unwanted energies.  There are many stories related to Porthan Goi's ability to subdue evil spirits and resolving supernatural problems. Like many highly attained monks with supernatural abilities, Porthan Goi's mood can be pretty erratic and perhaps similar like Tok Raja. At times when he is in good mood, you may talk to him freely but watch out for his mood swing.  

On this special occasion we have taken the opportunity to highlight another equivalently supreme Pidta batch released in conjunction with Porthan Goi's 75th Birthday anniversary.

This Birthday release was officialy released on 22nd June 2012 and also debut Porthan Goi's First Batch Phra Sivali amulet that are limited to only 250 pieces.  The Phra Pidta version is limited to 335 pieces. The small quantity for this creation was largely due to the supply limitation of raw herb materials that are hard to find.  

Among the many dignitaries and devotees attended to Than Goi's birthday occasion, senior monks from other temples also came to attendance e.g. CK Onn, CK Eak, Porthan Thit, Than Boon, Than Plen, etc. In conjunction with this birthday occasion, all monks joined together to give one last blessing to the Phra Pidta and Sivali before being released to the public for the fund raising on 22 June 2012. A truly significant event for this batch of amulet. 

Every individual piece of Phra Pidta and Phra Sivali in this batch is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and serial numbering. All donations generated from this Birthday batch will go into Wat Chinpradittharam's expansion fund in the effort to purchase the adjacent empty piece of land situated next to the current temple location. 


Phra Pidta is well known for its ability to protect the wearer against harm and danger. Harm can come in many ways. Kelantan's arcane sciences in creating supreme Pidta is long known since Wat Uttamaram started this tradition of making powerful Pidta. Without exception Porthan Goi's Pidta is also supreme against harm. Here is a sharing of experience on my recent encounter.

Very recently (date??, July 2012), on a hot sunny afternoon while driving around in KL city center, I beat the red light at a cross road junction.  Right after beating the red light traffic, I saw a traffic policeman on his motorcycle coming right after my vehicle. It was too late for me to do anything, except thinking that I will surely get a summon because I was caught red handed. Sure enough the policeman tailed my car from behind. Mentally I made a quick request to this recent Pidta batch that I was wearing at that day to help me escape from this unwanted traffic summon.  Within a short while, that traffic policeman caught up with my car and signaled me to pull over at the road side.  I remembered my Pidta was hanging outside my shirt without being obscured when encountering the policeman.  I was asked to produce my driving license and identity card. After a brief conversation, the policeman returned my license and he appeared to be very courteous. The policeman then ushered me to leave in a very friendly manner. It surprised me as though nothing had happened and the probable cause maybe due to the universal Pidta's signature - hands covering eyes.

I was delighted that I don't have to fork out any "courtesy money" nor pay the summon from this traffic offence which is considered major.  In essence, this incident had taught me the lesson not to beat the traffic in the future.  Others may have came across similar experience in escaping from harm and danger in many different ways. The above story is just sharing of my own experience with this Pidta batch which I believed has Metta Mahaniyom's efficacy.  There is a rationale for me to include the wording 'Supremacy' in Porthan Goi's Pidta for its harm-proof efficacy that have been proven before in other previous batches. It's important to note that each and everyone of us has different karmic levels. Who knows maybe another wearer of this same Pidta batch may get a traffic summon instead. Therefore, you are advised to use your own discretion in relating to this experience sharing.

During a recent trip to visit Porthan Goi, I relayed the above incident to him. He seemed to know already what this Pidta can do. Before I could finish my entire story Porthan Goi interrupted and casually said to me in Malay language "That policeman was very nice to you right?". Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Porthan Goi is ranked no. 4 in Kelantan's Sangha Order. For those who don't know Porthan Goi yet he is also a "Bomoh Siam" with capability in countering paranormal activities. According to a story related to me by a Kampong Tendong folk, there was an incident involving a very rich businessman in Kelantan whom did not believe in charity or ghost spirits. Despite being rich and successful, he will handout RM50 only and not even a bit more in donation money to Wat Tendong. One day the businessman moved with his whole family to a newly constructed mansion. The whole family experienced paranormal activities at night with door knocking, people walking around in the middle of the night when everybody is supposed to be sleeping. 

The businessman knowingly aware that a construction worker died at the house during the construction works and this resulted those paranormal activities that caused distresses to the businessman and his family members.  Out of ideas he had to turn to Porthan Goi for help to deal with the unwanted house guest. Porthan Goi agreed to lend a helping hand and went to his mansion to perform some chanting and sprinkling of holy water at all corners in the house.  Problem was solved and the family lived peacefully once again without anymore disturbance. The businessman rewarded Porthan Goi's ability handsomely in the form of donation to Wat Tendong and he started believing in charity cause and the existence of paranormal activity.


1st Batch Rian Medallion B.E.2554

A Complete Sacred Talisman for Supreme Protection 
from Porthan Goi's Collection

Pidta and Takruts
Apart from making great Pidta, Porthan Goi is also an expert in creating Takrut just like all his predecessors e.g. Porthan Lek, LP Kron Tok Raja.  From an exchange of conversation with another collector, the waist Takrut may be too "hot" for certain people after wearing it. The meaning of "hot" is a change in one's own behavior to become hot tempered. This "hot" characteristic nature of the waist Takrut is not a side effect but instead it is exercising its protective power by its own way upon the wearer who carries it. An advise from Porthan Goi when I first took his waist Takrut is to hang it inside the car dashboard when it is not in use.  This will protect the car occupants should any untoward incident arises.  That is the strong word given by Porthan Goi himself. 

As for the neck Takrut, it was meant for young children.  Since his Takrut is so well known, all devotees including adults also wanted a piece of this neck takrut meant for children. That was a good laughter during my conversation with him when his mood was good.

Wat Ariyakiri Porthan Lek's lineage can be traced down to the last 3 disciples comprising of Porthan Tian, Porthan Soon, Porthan Goi and Porthan Noon. They are considered the last generation of Kelantan grand masters in creating superb protective talismans. 

The signature structure that truly gave Wat Tendong's identity is the Guan Yin "Avalokiteswara" statue inside the temple's compound. Chinese from all over the world traditionally would pray to Guan Yin with utmost respect and this Mahayana Buddhist culture blend in very well with Theravada Buddhism.

If you are a fond collector of Pidta and Takrut sacred talismans, Porthan Goi is a good consideration as the general feedback from wearers are generally positive and affordable.  As usual the price tag for all newly release batch of talisman at the beginning is quite affordable.  Sad but true, in reality once these new amulet has been taken up by private collectors, the price will be determined based on market value.     

The ultimate choice for us as a Dhamma practitioner is to conduct meritorious deeds whenever the chance is presented upon us.  We should always view positively that the small token (usually amulet) in return for your generosity will serve as remembrance for supporting the Buddha's dispensation.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

In Life's Journey
Faith is Nourishment,
Virtuous Deeds Are a Shelter,
Wisdom is the Light By Day,
Right Mindfulness is the Protection by Night.
If a Man Lives A Pure Life, Nothing Can Destroy Him.
If He Has Conquered Greed, Nothing Can Limit His Freedom.

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