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The Miraculous Effects of Luang Phor Ngern's Sacred Amulets

"Ngern Lai Ma" Little Statuettes

“Ngern Lai Ma” or Money Coming is best associated to Luang Phor Ngern’s amulets. Collecting and owning Luang Phor Ngern’s amulets for the average collector can be a daunting task given the fact that there’re many remade posthumous batches in the market since the passing away of this miraculous monk with supernatural abilities.  This challenge further enthralled a would-be collector where the marketplace is flooded with plenty of Luang Phor Ngern’s fake replicas particularly the popular mini cast statuette or “Loop Lor”.  Adding to this serious challenge, how would we know if a particular Luang Phor Ngern’s roop lor is made after Luang Phor Ngern’s passing away (posthumous edition/batch) that has similarity appearance but consecrated at Bangklan temples in Pichit Province and mass chanted by many top monks from a particular era.  

Luang Phor Ngern’s amulet is highly rated together with 2 other great contemporary amulets in Thailand amulet collectors' circle namely Luang Pu Tuad and Wat Rakang.  We have extensively covered many articles related to Somdej Toh - Wat Rakang and Luang Pu Tuad in our previous article stories.  With the inclusion of Luang Phor Ngern’s coverage in SimplyBuy’s blog article, we have attained a very personal sense of achievement in delivering the Top 3 most respected amulet jewels in the mind of every serious collectors.

The aim of this article is to provide guidance to new collectors for this auspicious mini statuettes based on real experience.  No matter how much you try to learn to distinguish fake replicas from authentic Luang Phor Ngern’s masterpieces, the fakes will always keep improving to a very high AAA class (triple A’s replica copy).  Even experts could be bluffed in distinguishing those authentic pieces from replicas. What's more we as a hobbyist collector without deep pockets in acquiring a real genuine piece.  

Looking at the reality that is affecting all new collectors and coupled with lack of information, we may shun away from acquiring a real piece of LP Ngern’s auspicious cast statuette.  There’re so many Luang Phor Ngern’s looked alike Roop Lor just to begin with.  Which one you should choose and which temple they originated from?  All these big questions are toying the mind until you finally give up for the sake of avoiding risks being cheated.  The situation is made worst if you are not a native Thai speaker.  

You may also fall prey to unscrupulous sellers/industrious monks trying to convince you that his “authentic” phim is well below the market price.  These so called “authentic” piece may feel alike, look alike, but they are not the real stuff.  In the art of collecting amulets, the universal rule - Do Not Be Greedy applies here and also in every aspect of life. 

We don’t encourage acquisition of those Multi-Million Baht expensive genuine amulets.  Instead we advise a more sensible approach into collecting Luang Phor Ngern’s sacred amulets with strong belief and high respect for the figurine image that was originally cast to represent Lord Buddha in sitting meditation.  We start our approach by giving more examples of equally powerful and blessed posthumous batches that are highly collectible for own wearing or simply for appreciating the fine works involved in Grand Ceremonies for the sanctification of Luang Phor Ngern’s amulets.

May this article shed new lights into every collectors’ mind with the benefit of supporting Buddha’s Dispensation through the blessings from Luang Phor Ngern's highly sacred amulets. The secret formula in metal casting with the prescribed magical spells had been handed down by this legendary monk to all future generations.

This article story is dedicated to Nicky Noi, a native friend from Pichit Province whom have lost contact for a very long time.  After so many years later I've finally able to connect my senses with the first LP Ngern's votive tablet received from this wonderful friendship.  This is how the story associated to Luang Phor Ngern's sacred amulets began.

The Legendary Wealth Monk from Pichit Province

To begin with, Luang Phor Ngern was born in B.E.2351 (AD 1808) at Bangklan in Pichit Province, Thailand.  His given name “Ngern” in Thai could be translated into the meaning Money or Silver.  Both meanings represent Wealth to the householder.  When he was a baby his parents does not have any financial hardship but rather enjoyed a rather easy life with him around.  

We strongly believe that Luang Phor Ngern had attained Arahantship with special Abinna telepathy that was developed thorough his meditation practices with accordance to the way Buddha had prescribed.  In those days there are no telephones nor mobile phones like today’s modern world. Highly attained monks could communicate with each other from remote distances with this special telepathy ability.

At a tender age of 12, he became a student of Luang Pu Suk at Wat Pak Klong Makamtao. History also stated that his education began at Wat TongPu (today known as Wat Chanasongkram) in Bangkok where he was ordained at the age of 20.

When Luang Phor Ngern reached the age of 25, he decided to return to his village at Bangklan, Pichit Province.  He stayed at Wat Kongkaram in Pijit Province where he also spent some time in practicing Tudong.  But he found the atmosphere is not conducive for his practice. Before leaving he prayed the Principal Buddha and took along three Bodhi leaves sapling from the temple’s main entrance. It was during that time that he visited Wangtago village where he planted the three Bhoti tree saplings. Whilst in prayer he promised to construct a temple on that spot should the saplings mature. The rest was history - Wat Bangklan was built.  The official name for this temple is Wat Hirunyaram.

During that period The Venerable Somdej Buddhachan Toh was still alive and Luang Phor Ngern had visited Wat Rakang in many occasions to pay respect and further develop his understanding in Buddhism apart from learning magical sciences.  That's why the efficacy of Luang Phor Ngern's metal composite amulets are equivalently sacred as Somdej Toh's herb based amulets.

One of Luang Phor’s famous trademark is making holy water that is very well known to Pichit’s village folks during the height of his popularity. One day a Chinese businessman came to seek Luang Phor Ngern to make sacred holy water to take home for drinking and bathing for good luck purposes and increase prosperity through his business dealings.  Without any hesitation, Luang Phor Ngern lighted up a candle stick and had a long conversation with that man.  The man felt as though the casual conversation had taken too long and he asked “When can Luang Phor finish making the holy water?”. Luang Phor Ngern then replied him “It is already done”.
The man raised his doubt and feeling let down because he didn’t witness Luang Phor Ngern chanting or do anything except having a long conversation.  With a distraught mind, the Chinese man took the container filled with the supposedly holy water and left.  Upon reaching the temple gate nearby the river bank, the man tried to pour away the water from the container.  No matter how much water he tried to empty from the container, the holy water don’t seem to stop flowing out from his opened container.  This is just one of the many stories associated with this old time miraculous Buddhist monk. 

Wat Phra Pathom Chedi

In the year B.E. 2452 at Nakhon Phatom Province the then Supreme Patriarch Somdej Phra SangKaarat (Kay) of Wat Bowon Niwet issued an invitation to all temples in every provinces to send representative monks with high Wittayaakom (magic) and Palangjit (mental power) to participate in an exchange of knowledge. There would be a test of Ultra Dhamma. The response was overwhelming as hundreds of monks from different provinces attended this knowledge exchange event that was held at Wat Phra Pathom Chedi, Nakhon Pathom for a period of 3 days and 3 nights.

The monks had to use their mental power to move a carpenter's wood plank from a starting point to a designated point and then back to the start. In this test, many monks were able to move the carpenter's wood plank to a designated point. However, most of the monks failed to move it back to the starting point. Only 10 great monks passed the test.

LP Klan of Wat Phayatigaram, Ayuttaya, 1st Place
LP Boon of Wat KangBanKeow, Nakon Phatom, 2nd Place
LP Suk of Wat Makham Tao, Chinat, 3rd Place
LP Yaim of Wat Nang, Bangkok, 4th Place
LP Ngern of Wat Bangklan, Phicit, 5th Place
LP Taa of Wat Paniangdtaek, Nakhon Phatom, 6th Place
LP Tong of Wat KaoGaBotWaaSee, Nakon Sawan, 7th Place
LP Pan of Wat Banghia, Samut Phrakam, 8th Place
LP Yim of Wat Nongbua, Khachanaburi, 9th Place
LP Jon of Wat Don-Ruap, Chumpon, 10th Place

The miraculous power of Luang Phor Ngern was widely known to folks throughout the Chao Phaya River from providing assistance to those in need and constructing many Buddhist structures.  Luang Phor Ngern had dedicated his entire lifetime into Buddhism and lived until a ripe old age of 111 years.  Luang Phor Ngern passed away on September 20, B.E.2462  (AD 1919).

Luang Phor Ngern’s small cast statue “Roop Lor" or "Loi Ong” and “Rian Phim Jop” are particularly popular although he had made many types of talismans during his lifetime.  This cast statue possessed broad spiritual values with respect to increasing charms and loving kindness, promoting prosperity and luck, escaping from dangers and enhancing one’s safety - weapon proof included.

Roop Lor in particular is the favorite among Thai businessmen because it is believed that Luang Phor Ngern's small but wonderful figurine could increase the financial ability and business success of the beholder over time.  Likewise, for protection against dangers it has been proven throughout the millennium that it is comparable to Somdej Wat Rakang's votive tablets. 

For these obvious reasons, every new issued batch of Luang Phor Ngern amulets from major temples will be snapped out like hot cakes. May we remind readers that it's not our intention nor to promote any specific temples or Luang Phor Ngern's amulets. We are just merely sharing our research and experience from a hobbyist collector's perspective.

Namo Tassa Bhagavato, 
Arahato, Samma Sambuddhasa 
(Recite x 3 Times) before choosing one of the Katha  

1st. Katha Aratana Luang Phor Ngern

Itthi Puttang Git-Jang Ma Ma Phu Kon Lai Ma Na Cha Li Ti
Itthi Tammang Git-Jang Ma Ma Khaw Khong Lai Ma Na Cha Li Ti
Itthi Sangkang Git-Jang Ma Ma Ngern Tong Lai Ma Na Cha Li Ti

2nd. Katha Aratana (Long Version)

Ah-Ka Ah-Ti,  Ah-Ti Ah-Ka, Ti-Ah Ka-Ah
Wantaami Ajaari Yancha Hiranya 
Namakang Dhirang 
Itthi Tan-dang Maha Daechang 
Itthi Man-dang Wa Satarang

Itti Puttang Git-Jang Ma Ma Phu Kon Lai Ma Na Cha Li Ti 
Itti Tammang Git-Jang Ma Ma Khaw Khong Lai Ma Na Cha Li Ti
Itti Sangkang Git-Jang Ma Ma Ngern Tong Lai Ma Na Cha Li Ti 
Chimpli Ja Maha Lapang Pawandtumae

The above Katha Aratana's stanza did mentioned Thai wording "Ngern Tong" meaning Money or fortune coming "Lai Ma".  However, let us caution that money don't just fall from the sky above if you're not hardworking or plain lazy.  In essence, a strong faith in reciting this Katha Aratana with a Luang Phor Ngern amulet will enhance money luck coming to your way at the most "appropriate timing" especially when you're in a dire situation.  Hence, please use the Luang Phor Ngern's Kathas with full respect and sincerity.  

Posthumous Luang Phor Ngern's Amulets

Luang Phor Ngern created many amulets during his lifetime. Two of which made him very famous indeed, and are instantly recognizable by almost every amulet collector are Roop Lor “Loi Ong” and Rian “Phim Jop” (triangular shape).  Based on our research, the most widely known Roop Lor figurines is dated to B.E.2460 that are kept in temple Kru (chedi). 

Here we would like to bring your attention to some of these affordable mini cast figurines.  All posthumous phims (made after B.E.2462) are thought to be equally sacred.  Later editions of all Wat Bangklan’s cast figurines of later years i.e. B.E.2515, B.E.2528, B.E.2545 or the B.E.2553, B.E.2555 are no exception. 

The good news about Luang Phor Ngern's Buddha amulets whether its new or old, the effect is just as miraculously good if only you have strong faith and believe in Luang Phor Ngern's power.

The Auspicious Wealth Amulets

Over the years many temples in Pichit Province became popular for reproducing Luang Phor Ngern's amulets.  The main temple associated with Luang Phor Ngern is Wat Bang Klan (Wat Wangtago). However, historical records had indicated that Luang Phor Ngern also resided for a short period of time in some other temples in Pichit such as Wat Tainam and Wat Huay Khen.

We would like to take this opportunity to bring readers attention to yet another stunning posthumous Luang Phor Ngern's Loop Lor statuettes that resembles the "Old Style" Phim Niyom made during the old days. In this exhibit we have chosen Wat Huay Khen to lay the foundation for readers understanding on posthumous Loop Lor "Old Style" using the traditional pour mould technique.

Wat Huay Khen is probably the last temple that was still under construction at the later years before the passing away of Venerable Luang Phor Ngern.  This temple is decorated with mural paintings at the interior walls and the main Buddha siting serenely with pasted gold foils.

Old Newspaper clip - Kru Opening B.E.2525

Old Newspaper clip - Kru Chedi Discovery B.E.2525 

Note: The discovery and findings from Kru chedi in Wat Huay Khen displayed that Luang Phor Ngern also made various types of clay amulets other than his famous metal cast Roop Lor (small figurines) known as Loy Ong. 

There has been another recent discovery of Luang Phor Ngern's amulets in 2013 according to a local Thai newsreel. Location of this discovery was at the Kru Chedi in Wat Wang Jit, Pichit Province.

Kru Wat Wang Jit, Pichit Province. New discovery of LP Ngern amulets in 2013.

"Old Style Phim Niyom" Wat Huay Khen

Old style Phim Niyom is still the most favorite Phim among collectors and worshipers despite new discovery of Luang Phor Ngern's amulets in recent years.  The popularity over the years is therefore pretty difficult to distinguish one piece of posthumous Phim Niyom old style from one another because there're many batches being made throughout the years in Pichit province alone. Seen here is a perfect old style posthumous Phim Niyom example sanctified at Wat Huay Khen in B.E.2557 that followed the old Phim design.

This edition was mass chanted by 25 Monks for the occasion 100 Years (B.E.2457 - B.E.2557) Wat Huay Khen Commemorative Batch called “Roon 100 Pee Phim Niyom”.  This eye-catching Phim Niyom batch followed the old casting method to make it resemble the old Luang Phor Ngern mini statuette.

Posthumous LP Ngern "Old Style" amulet statuettes 

Although Wat Huay Khen is seldom been mention in commentary articles, nonetheless this 100-years-old temple is considered Luang Phor Ngern's temple in the past. Throughout the course of history, some of the remarkable amulets associated with Luang Phor Ngern's sacred power are from this very temple.

Temple code and serial numbering at the bottom base

Listed below are the notable monks in sanctifying this 100 Years batch at Wat Huay Khen. 

1. LP Pien Wat Kren Katin, Lopburi
2. LP Whan Wat Klongkoon , Pichit
3. LP Ruay Wat Tako , Ayuttaya
4. LP Poon Wat Banpan , Ayuttaya
5. LP Payont Wat Rai Nongmi , Pichit
6. LP Phim Wat Preksawan , Pichit
7. LP Moo Wat Dong Padum , Pichit
8. LP Pong Wat Wang-loom , Pichit
9. LP Inn Wat Huay-Khen , Pichit
10. LP Sawaeng Wat Poah Dan , Pichit
11. LP Salik Wat Bangklan , Pichit
12. LP Sanom Wat Tai Num , Pichit
13. LP Napat Wat Huay Duan , Nakorn Sawan
14. LP Surint Wat Sukhumaram , Pichit
15. LP Ngen Wat Kud Rakam , Pichit
16. LP Poah Wat Huay Numjone , Pichit
17. LP Wiraj Wat Taluang , Pichit
18. LP Boonmee Wat Taluang , Pichit
19. LP Noppawan Wat Sena , Ayuttaya
20. LP Wittaya Wat Nongdong , Pichit
21. Chaokhun Juab Wat Rakang Kosittaram, Bangkok
22. LP Chet wat Thawin , Chachengsao
23. LP Jumnian Wat Sumnak Tham Khunnein , Pichit
24. LP Chalerm Wat Wang Wha , Pichit
25. Pra Archan La Wat Soi Suwan , Kampaengpetch

Blessings to sanctified this Phim Niyom was conducted in 4 stages with accordance to auspicious cosmic date to make this batch efficacious.

The First Blessing was held on December 14, B.E.2556 (2013)
The Second Blessing was held on December 22, B.E.2556 (2013)
The Third Blessing was held on January 11, B.E.2557 (2014)
The Final Blessing was held on August 10, B.E.2557 (2014)

Mass chanting is crucial in making powerful Luang Phor Ngern’s amulet.  All invited monks must have a certain capability in Wittayaakom (magic) and Palangjit (mental power).  This aspect cannot be taken lightly as the sanctification rituals must be done with outmost respect to Luang Phor Ngern while invoking individual invited monk’s blessings power into the holy mass materials.

Luang Phor Ngern is highly venerated across Thailand even after 100 years.  Many temples outside of Pichit Province also consecrated Luang Phor Ngern’s amulets for remembrance in different Phim designs.  This is largely due to the high popularity of the amulets being associated to wealth and success.  Any talismans with proper sanctification bearing the image of this miraculous monk could bring success to the beholder.  This is the key reason for Luang Phor Ngern’s popularity until today.

This video shows 2 original Luang Phor Ngern - one is worn condition and the other unworn. Both pieces are made by Luang Phor Ngern Wat Bangklan in 1913 (B.E.2456)

This video is provided by a veteran collector Nalahm.  The English narration below points out Nalahm’s expert opinion in this video.

Luang Phor Ngern himself consecrated these amulets in B.E.2456 (AD 1913). These miraculous amulets are infused with Luang Phor Ngern’s high spiritual incantation and mixed with a kind of magical blue steels.

These are the real Luang Phor Ngern’s amulets - The King of Metal Amulet made from brass mixed with real gold and magical blue steels.

A fine crafted sacred amulets ever made. The mold came from 2 pieces front and back with visible cutting lines at the sides.  This is an ancient metal casting method starting from the bottom by a single drop with proper weigh and volume.

Both pieces are created more than 100 years ago.  The brighter yellow piece had been worn by putting inside a small fabric bag for many years.  Compare the color difference between the unworn and worn piece.

Big head , oval face , big right ear , dimpled chin , smile showing teeth, indeed very handsome looking.

Left eye came out from its eye-pocket that's why we call this phim as Kheeta (sleepy eyes) from this distinguished feature.

-Specific Markings-
High niche armpit, high clear thin robes, red rusty gold, double lines at left hand.

Head rounded and shoulder curved because of laid down rolling in the fabric bag for a long period of time.

Big clear right thumb, Center front folding base as picked up mark.

The first unworn piece can clearly see the thumb, the worn piece had no thump due to daily usage and friction of the surface with the fabric carrying bag.

At the bottom - less filled or leaked, full filled or no leaked.

These B.E.2456 are similar in size with the Luang Phor Ngern Wat Huay Khen. But just a little bit bigger, not too fat, and not too big.  Its size is almost identical to the turtle amulet size - as small as 1 Baht coin.

-Key Variances Between the 1st Unworn and 2nd Worn amulet-
The second 2nd original worn piece – left and right sides, the bottom base has visible filing mark after it was created.

The first 1st original unworn piece does not have filing mark.

Gold fragments should be darker color not bright color like the brass. If examined closely with a magnifying glass, we can see the real pieces of gold spread across the skin surface.

The early Luang Phor Ngern amulets are melted together with a type of magical blue steels.  At very high temperature during the smelting process, everything melts down except the blue steels that can be still visible on the statuette surface.    

B.E.2515 nicknamed The Broken Gun 

This is a posthumous batch mass chanted by various monks in B.E.2515 (AD 1972). It means the power of protective charms of Luang Phor Ngern is able to translate into new batches of amulets after his last known batch made in B.E. 2460. 

Phim Keeta "Sleepy Eyes"

It was recorded that during this ceremony a particularly auspicious event occurred and that was a lunar eclipse but it was not this phenomena alone that have made these phims so famous but the numerous accounts of its efficacy.

During Vietnam War, the royal Thai government co-operated with the USA in sending many soldiers to assist in this conflict.  Sergeant Chao was almost killed by a large container filled with explosives.
“Though many years have passed, I had never forgotten the day that I was almost killed and I firmly believe that the magic power of the Luang Phor Ngern’s sacred amulet saved my life”, he said.
He revealed that one of his main duties is to collect weapons from dead soldiers and as such he carried a box filled with weapons including live grenades.

“One day I had seized a box of grenades and other explosives from the corpse of a Vietnamese soldier. Whilst I was carrying it back to the regiment I witnessed what appeared to be a trace of fire sparking on the ground coming toward me. It transpired that some of the explosive powders had dropped to the ground”, he said excitedly. Having realized what had happened he immediately threw away the box. “Suddenly there was a massive explosion and I was left in a complete state of shock, not even knowing if I was still alive or if I’m injured.”

At all times it seemed to him that he had been reborn (from death) because he quickly discovered that all his bodily parts were still intact.  “ This is a real miracle. I truthfully associate this miracle with the sacred amulet that was hanging on my neck” he exclaimed.

There are some individuals who were skeptical about the power of his amulet had then tried to test his claim. In fact it was recorded that a certain individual repeatedly discharged live ammunition towards Sergeant Chao's BE 2515 Luang Phor Ngern amulet. The result even though at close range the bullets were unable to hit the amulet. It’s strange to see the bullets mysteriously deflected by an unknown force.  Apparently the weapon even misfired causing damage to both the gun and the individual’s hand.

B.E.2515 Edition

Since then this series of sacred amulets earned its nickname - Broken Gun or “Bpern Dek” version as a warning to anyone who wanted to challenge Luang Phor Ngern ’s sacred power again. Sadly our research couldn't ascertain which Loy Ong model issued in B.E.2515 is the actual Bpern Dek in relation to Sergeant Chao's story.

This famous B.E. 2515 batch also have tremendous challenge nowadays even the most experienced collectors can be easily fooled as the amulet market is flooded with some very high quality fake replicas. Hence, don't simply buy when you're uncertain.

Little did we know there are other temples that created B.E.2515 batch with different Phims in that year other than Wat Bangklan itself.  The temples are Wat Beung Narang, Wat Tainam, Wat Wanjik, Wat Horkrai, Wat Krateung, Wat Moonlek and Wat Tabua Tong (source reference: Thai Amulets Co Ltd).

We may think B.E.2515 Phims from other temples are not as valuable as the Wat Bangklan’s Phims. But they are all worth collecting and are all considered equally as powerful. This is simply because all final blessings before releasing to the public are held at Wat Bangklan.

Roon Plodpai - LP Preung Wat Bangklan

Although many Phims or editions have been created at later years, they are still highly respected for the power to protect worshipers from danger whilst also increasing fortune 'Maha Larp', charming attraction 'Maha Niyom', push you away from danger 'Klaew Klad Plodpai' and success power.

An edition consecrated in B.E.2528 (AD 1985) that is equally marvelous following the "Bpern Dek" B.E.2515 success is another example provided here. This is a highly acclaimed old style model using traditional casting method to melt down the metal.  It is said that this B.E.2528 batch contained mixture of some highly sacred Luang Phor Ngern's old amulets. During the smelting process heating up to 1000 degrees centigrade, the metals couldn't melt down. A special prayer to Luang Phor Ngern had managed to resolved this matter. Many people had associated this miraculous event to the power of Luang Phor Ngern's old amulets which formed a component material in this batch.

We also heard stories about certain individual tested out this batch with a handgun. The gun exploded on the 5th click. This story cannot be ascertain too. Our research showed that there're more than one Phim version of this B.E.2528 edition. We couldn't determine which Phim versions made during that year in 1985 had resulted in this miraculous Broken Gun effect.  At least we knew there are 2 temples in Pichit Province that made this B.E.2528 batch - Wat Bangklan and Wat Kongkaram. One thing for sure is that the final blessing irregardless which temple that created the amulet must be held at Wat Bangklan.  

Luang Phor Ngern of later years

3rd. Katha Kong Krapan Luang Por Ngern

Pra Puttang Pra Jao Kong Nang
Pra Tammang Pra Jao Kong Nuea
Pra Sangkang Pra Jao Kong Graduk
Om Paetch Kong Kaa Dtri Paetch Swaaha

As indicated earlier the so-called sacred blue steels that are said to be smelted together with brass and gold to form Luang Phor Ngern early amulets maybe none other than 'Lek Namphi' that is traditionally been used to make ancient warrior swords. This rationale may pave way for Luang Phor Ngern's amulets' efficacy with "Kong Krapan Chatri" to defend against weapons attack or to deflect bomb shrapnel as in the B.E.2515 story account.

Where To Start? 

Where to start collecting is a big question mark with so many fake replicas resembling a genuine piece. This is exactly what we've encountered when I received the first piece of Luang Phor Ngern from a Thai friend.

After giving an example of posthumous Luang Phor Ngern amulets with reference to B.E.2515, new collectors may wish to consider amulets created from six temples that are closely connected as part of a united family in making sacred Luang Phor Ngern's amulets.  Following experts opinions, the six temples are;

Wat Bangklan (or Wat Wangtago)
Wat Tainam
Wat Huay Khen
Wat Luang Phor Ngern
Wat Kwang
Wat Bang Moon Mak

Posthumous LP Ngern. Circa Unknown

Apart from the six Pichit temples mentioned here, we must also bear in mind that there're many temples that sanctify various series of Luang Phor Ngern amulets in other parts of Thailand.  The deep respect for Luang Phor Ngern, proper sanctification that comes with good cause, these amulets bearing his image should be duly noted.

Commemorate 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary
of H.M. King Bhumibol, Dec 5th, B.E.2542
Phra Nikrom Munee - Deputy Abbot Wat Trimit 

Whether it's an old or newly minted edition, the objective is to have a proper temple sanctified Luang Phor Ngern's amulet that we can confidently carry along in our daily life either for business luck or protection.  Luang Phor Ngern amulet is a favorite among the Thai business community. Apart from that the other desirable amulet for business affair is Phaya Tao turtle amulets.

Wat Huay Khen B.E.2557

It's been a known fact even the most recent amulet properly sanctified bearing Luang Phor Ngern's name or image can be just as powerful. For this reason, we have a solid substitution for those old time statuettes with newer editions that are equally blessed by his holiness spiritual power.

Setthi Ngern Lan B.E.2557

"Setthi Ngern Lan" batch was primarily made to boost up the morale for Thai soldiers in the restive Southernmost Provinces in Thailand.  Proceeds from the donation generated will also be used to restore some dilapidated temples as well as for education scholarships for poor students in the Southern Provinces. Amazingly Luang Phor Ngern's amulets are cherished by the Thais for its protective power and each year many temples will make this evergreen amulet talisman for different charity purposes.

"Roon Kong Toon 53" Wat Bangklan

We shall dwell more into the complexity of putting together all the ingredients in sanctifying Luang Phor Ngern’s amulets by taking another fine example in recent years - the "Roon Kong Toon 53" in a grand consecration ceremony at Wat Bangklan by 108 Kaeji monks.

This B.E.2553 batch is a  classic release of Luang Por Ngern amulets that is highly sanctified by 108 notable monks from all over Pichit Province and other parts of Thailand. It became a national favorite and a household name not just in Thailand but also across Malaysia and Singapore.  Temple code and serial numbering is embossed at the base of every piece issued by Wat Bangklan.

Sacred metals for making Luang Phor Ngern figurines

The Kong Toon 53 had received massive interests and became an all-time classic in a single year since the issuance of this edition and its line-up of phims.  One reason being despite the immense success of all previous editions LP Ngern Loi Ong statuettes, this particular edition is the first ever that had performed 'Piti Te Tong' (sacred ceremony of mould pouring) at Wat Bang Klan temple itself.

All previous Wat Bangklan's Piti Te Tong were conducted at other temples especially at Wat Suthat in Bangkok.  Those previously made editions did not get as much attention as this batch.  However, we must stress that Luang Phor Ngern's amulets from previous editions have been much covered in many news stories connected to luck, life saving miracles and the likes.

Rustic appearance Kong Toon 53, 'Baotoop' Phim

Loi Ong Phim Niyom design of this Kong Tun 53 edition are produced in eight different types of metal compositions listed below; 

Tong Kam (Pure Gold),
Nur Ngern Gon Nawa (Silver with Nava Loha base), 
Nava Loha Dork Pew, 
Nur Maekasit, 
Nur Samrit Nork (Bronze),
Nur Alpaka, 
Nur Samrit Lueang Pew Fai Te Din Thai (yellow bronze with Thai earth), 
Nur Samrit Daeng Pew Fai Te Din Thai (red bronze with Thai earth)

Mass ingredients used

Holy materials used in the making consisted of old bronze, copper, silver, gold, coins, sacred incantation scrolls, and earth soils. It is said that previous old batches B.E.2460 and B.E.2515 materials with other powerful sacred ingredients were smelted together to form this Kong Toon smiling face Loy Ong statuettes.

One would expect in producing every edition of Luang Phor Ngern, a lot of holy materials are required before they are smelted to become Ngern Lai Ma amulets of Phor Ngern.  In addition, the strong spirit put up by Kaeji monks in channeling their respective meditative energies into the materials thus making every new edition very worthy to own or to wear.  More importantly Buddhism values that tags along with every piece of these little marvelous statuettes could bring calm and happiness to your mind.    

The Divine Blessings by Luang Phor Ngern 

The preference for older and expensive amulets crosses the mind in most people especially among amulet collectors.  In our opinion and research, this is not necessarily by thinking older Luang Phor Ngern's amulets are more powerful.  Firstly, let's analyze all Luang Pu Tuad's talisman first edition from B.E.2497 until today. All newly minted editions by different masters and temples are famously known to possess divine power in protecting its owners in accidents. Secondly, the sanctification process of chanting Buddhist verses into every Luang Pu Tuad edition involves many Kaeji monks. Thirdly, the sanctification ceremony would also invoke Luang Pu Tuad's divine blessing.  From this analysis point-of-view, we are convinced that the sanctification methodology used for Luang Pu Tuad and Luang Phor Ngern amulets are of a similar nature.

As we've mentioned earlier, there're plenty of fake replicas where your money could easily be cheated. If you have deep pockets and still wishing to own an older Luang Phor Ngern amulet, we would advise you to choose a very knowledgeable and trustworthy amulet dealer. However, the best solution for the majority including amateur amulet collectors is to seek newer editions. Newer amulet but confirmed genuine. We never know when the day will come for one of these posthumous new Luang Phor Ngern edition to become just as famous like its predecessor.  It's just waiting to become another B.E.2515 "Bpern Dek" Broken Gun when the time is right.

Mass chanting is another crucial factor in making highly powerful Luang Phor Ngern’s sacred amulets.  All invited monks would have a high degree in Wittayaakom (magic) and Palangjit (mental power).  This aspect cannot be taken lightly as the sanctification rituals must be done with deepest respect to Luang Phor Ngern while infusing individual monk’s mental power blessings into the holy mass materials.

Collections circa 2530s

After gone thorough some research, we have shared 4 Katha or sacred verses to invoke the amulets with Luang Phor Ngern's divine blessing. May you feel more confident after reciting one of the Katha for its effect purpose depending on different situation when wearing one of these small little wonders Ngern Lai Ma amulet.

The magical effect on Wealth Increase is one of the best known aspect of the divine blessings that comes along by revering Luang Phor Ngern’s sacred talismans.  We could not simply ignore the fact that these sacred amulets i.e. Loy Ong or Rian of various editions has been the source of many miraculous stories and events. The divine power of Luang Por Ngern made these miraculous effects worked regardless of the Temple or Masters who chanted his amulet, for it is believed that the image of Luang Por Ngern is powerful enough to confer blessings to the devoted ones. For this reason we named this article The Miraculous Effects of Luang Phor Ngern's Sacred Amulets.

4th. Katha Metta or Katha Soop Buhrii Luang Por Ngern

Makkayaa Taewang

(Meaning of this Katha - To ask for Metta)  
Note: Can also be used when smoking a cigarette by enchanting the smoke with this Katha.

When absolutely nothing else that matter, Calling Money is what these little statuettes are made for if you know how to discover its bestowed miraculous blessing power. Discovery is a journey in the world of amulets.  

The End

Photo credits to Chris Jones and thanks to Bro Hades Chan for ID and translation works in making this article relevant to all discerning collectors of Luang Phor Ngern. 

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