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Wat Balai - Phra Pertha Mahaniyom

To all Donors and Wat Balai's Supporters,

This is to announce that the much awaited Phra Pertha Mahaniyom will be officially released to the discerning ones.  For those who have pre-booked this bucha earlier in May 2012, you will finally get to bring this bucha home with you.  May this superb 1st batch Phra Pertha Mahaniyom will bring you tremendous success in return for your generosity in supporting Wat Balai's much needed development.

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Date of Release: 

23rd November 2012 Wat Balai (Wat Pathumviharn), Bachok Kelantan. 

Phra Pertha Released Finally

Phra Pertha Bucha
It came as a big surprise that Wat Balai also released a batch of small Pertha amulets this time. This Pertha in amulet form comes in 2 versions; the Kongkrapan and Metta. The background story behind for the creation of this Pertha amulet was largely to meet the many requests. Since the Phra Pertha Mahaniyom Bucha was the first batch ever created, it was mainly for enhancing Metta and business success to the worshiper. Then some devotees came along requesting Than Plen to consider making Kongkrapan version due to the high crime rates nowadays. To cut the story short, Than Plen decided to make the amulet version consisting of Metta and Kongkrapan that can be worn and carry around.

This batch of Phra Pertha amulets followed the same principle as earlier released Mai Tao tongkat that are forbidden to be bought or sold higher than the original stipulated temple price or else its efficacy will not manifest onto the beholder. So think twice before trading/selling this amulet. It was made with good intention for people from all walks of life to own this historic and yet affordable 1st batch Pertha amulet.

From the outlook both this Kongkrapan (Maha Ut) and Metta version may look alike from all angles. But the real difference lies at the Yantra inscription at the back. Please note the differences of Yantra.

Wat Balai's native volunteers and committee members had done a great job in achieving the temple's fundraising objective a smooth success. Hard works and personal sacrifices from these local Wat Balai's folks had undoubtedly seen many devotees from near and far being able to conduct charity and own the final batch Mai Tao tongkat and the first ever created Phra Pertha batch. A word of thank you and gratitude from many of us serving as donors and fans of Wat Balai. We all would like to see the Buddha's Sasana being well preserved here at Wat Balai for the future generations to come.  

Loy Krathong Festival Celebration at Wat Balai

In conjunction with the yearly Loy Krathong festival 2012, Wat Balai turned the night into festive mood and brings everybody together with stage dances and songs performance with the inclusion of Thailand's popular pop idol such as Nui Selena. If you don't want to miss a glimpse into this much talked about yearly activity at Wat Balai, make sure you pay a visit the next time around.  The crowd turnout is overwhelming especially the live songs performance.

Nui Selena arrived at Wat Balai

Sabbe Sattha Sukhi Hontu

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