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Light My Fire - The Karmic Law of Attraction

Light My Fire

Remember those good old days when we first met someone very special? Start from birth we are almost destined to meet that special someone later in life. This is just one part of our life destiny apart from other destinies throughout our growing years. It is about the Love Destiny that many of us will and been through in life. When this karmic force ripens at the right opportune moment, that's when we will meet this special someone. Sparks of fire ignites the blooming relationship as we easily put it. That's how this karmic tendencies in relation to the Law of Attraction is been explained.

Sometimes it is not easy for the opposite sex especially female to have fire burning all around her to get into a serious relationship. Guys will have to beg and chase after the relationship. But once her fire started sweetness follow. Isn't it how every relationship goes this way?

We may not realize that this apparent love relationship is conditioned by craving for each other. Just like a spark of fire and there the love relationship started to grow and grow. Certainly the Law of Attraction will leave a very deep and lasting impression inside the mind many years later either with your first love or current love.

In the beginning of every relationship, getting to know one another and seriously fell in love at first-sight brings back many unforgettable memories both good and bad. Keeping the fire burning is the simplest sense in order for a long lasting relationship. But as uncertainties unfold, some relationships may go through break-ups.

Similarly to love, hatred also bring back many unforgettable memories.  As long as you have engaged in any deep relationship, those memories can linger around for a long time once this karmic law of attraction is activated.

The Karmic Law of Attraction
This special story is based on a true unfading memories that may be captivating the hearts and minds for some of us due to this karmic Law of Attraction. It happened and it's a true account that you probably had had experienced. It may sound tempting and romantic but it comes with an unending sorrow for some of us and regrets where we try to bury the past love.

Those are the days when some of us just started a job career to earn a living and learning how to become adults as this special relationship got started off. Laughter, happiness and sad moments, tiredness after finishing work, eating late night suppers together, watching movies, going through relationship challenges, and many other things that each couples would have done.  We are so ignorant at that tender age about the meaning of love that brings about harmony and quarrels, upsets and forgiveness. All the jealousies that was caused to each other, the pains and sorrows are just part of life as we do not understand this clearly.

It is common nature for us as human beings wanting to find that special someone to share the love. Wooing someone of the opposite sex is natural as we're born in this world with this love karma in each one of us no matter what ethnic race, religion or country you are born. Isn't this true?

After successfully wooing the opposite sex and becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, the sense of achievement is great.  But in some courtships they may not last long due to certain reasons i.e. personality mismatch, difference of opinions, etc.  After the relationship has broken-up, the unfading memories may still remain inside the mind. At times for no reason your ex may just pop out at the mind door.

As human, we have a very complex mind faculty that enable consciousness, thinking, reasoning and to perceive. We can experience these lingering and unfading memories at one time or another due to this mental faculty. This is how the mind work. By understanding this way properly, we can let go the past and look toward life in a new perspective.

Desperate In Finding Love  
For those who are defiant in finding love after many failures may resort to searching for what we call "Love Amulets" or love talismans. This approach is perceived to help finding a relationship as in a courtship with the opposite sex. This may not be the answer as this kind of so called miracle love amulets cannot guarantee you the success in finding your next love.

There are certainly many types of propaganda talismans in the amulet marketplace trying to promote this so called "love potion" or the ultimate solution to your emptiness. Some nosy friends may even suggest a Khun Paen talisman may be a good alternative especially those with suggestive sexual symbols. We may easily resort to various kind of such talismans to enhance our attractiveness to achieve this love desire.

No matter what type of love seductive talismans it may be to gain an upper hand in finding love, with deeper understanding we can wise up later in life and view that romance is actually a kind of suffering.  Nobody will guarantee you that these love talismans can ensure your new found love will stay by your side forever until the very end of life.  

Romance is Suffering
For most couples during a serious relationship term everything is beautiful. Guys will just go along to comply every wishes of their sweethearts. In most situation guys are blinded by the air of loves.  In most marriages the chronology of event happens this way...

Firstly comes the engagement Ring
Secondly comes the wedding Ring
At later stage comes the sufferRing

We are not trying to imply that all marriages ends up with suffering. But in most cases suffering is very common due to arguments, disagreements, and a whole lot of marital relationship issues. For those who have experienced the bitter part of married life will surely agree that suffering is indeed very painful. Some may suffer a broken relationship along the way and this is very real.

For some unfortunate ones after many years, the past love memories may crawl back once in a while and sometimes there's a feeling that it just got started only yesterday. But it may be too late for some of us as the love had already ended. Feelings of regret, remorse and a bitter sense of wanting to turn the clock back is beyond help. These past relationship memories always stay dormant inside the mind. At any time the mind without giving any notice in advance will flip the memories back for us just as though like opening a slide show.  Some of us may find it hard to stop the memories from flowing back and asked why is it so?

Depicting an answer found in the Samyutta Nikaya Sutta - What is the conditioning factor for  love karmic? Body is the condition.  And with body and form goes feelings, perception, consciousness, and all the activities throughout the relationship. The arising of form and the ceasing of form--everything that has been heard, sensed, and known, sought after and reached by the mind-all this is the embodied world, to be penetrated and realized.

For those who are still unattached, attached or already ended up married, if you could fully understand the above paragraph, you are just one step closer in answering your own sorrows due to this karmic law of attraction.  If you don't, please do not feel despair as life has more beautiful meaning. 

The Four Noble Truths
Looking back at all those negative suffering of humankind due to this karmic law of attraction, some people can have very good relationship from the beginning toward almost the end. The selected video below provides a good example that even the most happiest relationship will still end up with sorrows and sufferings. 

We all wanted a perfect love and relationship if only you are lucky enough to have one.  In reality the marital bliss one may already experiencing now is just a temporary happiness as life is very unpredictable as could be seen in this video clip.  

Relating this sensational video clip, we can easily mirror ourselves with the ups and downs in our mortal life.  Try to imagine that you wanna save some money in a cookie jar for a family vacation and suddenly the car needs repair and all the money vanish just like that. Again another catastrophic event happened when things seem right. This happy and sad turbulence goes on and on for most couples. Finally when it's time to reach your goal for a great retirement vacation and your plan was cut short due to life termination of your partner.

Buddha had taught the Four Noble Truths namely birth, ageing, sickness and finally death. Therefore, if you already have a blessed relationship please cherish every single moment with your loved ones.  May you find the above reasoning be useful in understanding the nature of life in particular the suffering brought along by this karmic law of attraction.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

"Life is Short. Treasure whatever you have got. Be easily contended and not asking for too much in this existence. May this phrase brings you calm and happiness". 
Ken Geo  

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