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Wat Koh Langkawi Medallion 2000

Life Saving LP Koon Medallion 2000 
Wat Koh Wanaram Langkawi

1st Batch Wat Koh Wanaram issued in year 2000

Life and death is a part of any sentient living beings. As humans we are also subjected to this natural karmic law. Perhaps many of us have heard numerous stories from hearsays about life saving amulets by different Buddhist masters. In this article, we would like to reveal a true story based on actual account from one of our cousin brother whom we’ve known each other since our childhood days.

The story began a couple of years back when I decided to invite two of my closest cousins to pay a visit to Wat Koh Wanaram, Langkawi.  This temple is associated to The Venerable Luang Phor Koon of Wat Banrai, Korat in North Eastern Thailand.  Therefore, Wat Koh Wanaram could be considered as the only oversea branch of this well-known Wat Banrai and miraculous LP Koon.

One late night I received a phone call from this cousin brother asking if I could still remember the amulet we received from one resident monk in Langkawi sometime ago.  At first I wasn’t sure which amulet piece he was referring to.  It sounds a bit strange all of a sudden he asked me this question. Slowly I started to recall my memory about the monk whom generously gave us some LP Koon amulets.  Then my cousin slowly began to share his story about a horrific work accident and he managed to walk away without any life threatening injury or death.

With kind permission from my cousin, this story is made public for knowledge sharing purpose without intent to propagate any sanctified amulets consecrated by highly respected Buddhist monks. This true story is based on a medallion bearing the image of Luang Phor Koon holding a cigar. At the rear is Wat Banrai's logo, an eagle mascot representing Langkawi island with the wording Thai & Malaysia.  

This incident happened on 29th of Dec 2013 at a construction work site.  He has been wearing this LP Koon medallion faithfully since the day he got it several years ago.  On this particular day he was overseeing the operation of unloading a lorry from a trailer.  The unloading method uses a big steel chain to pull the lorry down. It needs a lorry to pull another lorry off the trailer.  Half way coming down the unloading lorry was stuck while the chain was still intact.  The tension of the chain was so great that it snapped off.  Not realizing the danger, he was standing nearby and without any warning he was swiped down by that swinging chain. The chain hit both his legs and fell head down to the tarmac.

Blood gushed out from his mouth, his legs were motionless with strenuous pain and he couldn’t move his left arm.  People rushed to his aide thought he’s vomiting blood suspecting internal bleeding and a very serious accident.  After being admitted to hospital for 2 days, he was being released without any broken bones or suffering from internal injury.  From the story told, he fell down head first at lightning speed after the chain swiped both his legs.  He mentioned that when his head hit the ground he felt as though there’s a protective cushion that helped minimize the impact of his fall.  It may sound miraculous but that’s what he could recall at that moment before he went into sub-conscious state.

As a result from this untoward accident, the injury was a cut on his lip the reason blood was flowing out from his mouth. No damage found on his teeth or jaw bone.  The only serious injury was 2 swollen legs from the calf down with visible marks while still healing as seen on the picture taken barely 3 weeks from that incident.

Another important fact was at the time of accident, only this piece was worn with a clip inside his shirt pocket.  He considered himself very lucky to have cheated death by wearing this LP Koon medallion.  Should the steel chain hit other vital part of his body or without the miracle “cushioning” to protect his head during the fall, he won’t be able to relate this story here.

After 2 days only then he realized the outer plastic casing had cracked when he took it out from his shirt pocket.  He decided to seek advice whether this amulet can still have the protective power after overcoming such accident.  Many people would have uncertainty and doubt about this delicate question as to whether the power of the amulet would be lost or still retain.  The answer is a definite yes because the amulet had proven its worth to serve as a highly protective talisman to its wearer.  This fact is highly supported learning from another distant relative of mine whom cheated death on many counts of road accidents by wearing the same Luang Pu Thuad talismans (Rian Sema type) for many years.  This senior relative will never leave his house without his LP Thuad.

For any life-saving amulet piece, the best advice is treasure it even more.  In my cousin brother’s case, the advice to him is to bring that LP Koon medallion to re-bless by a Buddhist monk whenever there’s an opportunity.  We may not get the opportunity to meet the original monk whom made the life-saving amulet and in this case LP Koon medallion from Wat Wanaram Langkawi. But the very least one could do is to have faith at heart to thank the blessing bestowed upon by wearing the amulet at times of peril.  The other good thing to do is to self-cultivate generosity by giving alms to monks, following the teaching of Buddhism, and last but not least learning meditation.

Additional Note: LP Koon first visited Langkawi on April 25, 2000, and again on June 19, 2006 to help raise funds for building the temple. The life saving medallion in this story is the 1st batch made in year 2000 in conjunction with LP Koon's first visit to the island. Another medallion batch was issued with the date marking 19 June 2006 on his 2nd visit. Thus, only 2 batches were made bearing LP Koon's image from this temple in Langkawi.    

The damaged steel amulet casing was being replaced with a plastic casing type.  All metal based amulets are best encased with a water resistant plastic casing because it could prevent sweat from corroding the metal surface.  If there’s a chance and not financially strap, you may choose to encase such a highly valuable amulet with gold in Thailand for its fine workmanship quality. More importantly is how to protect the amulet in good condition with the possibility to pass down to the next generation.
Learning from this life-saving amulet example, the moral of the story is to have strong faith with your chosen amulets that you wear on a daily basis. Avoid falling into mind delusion while combining with the sacred talismans, you will be rest assured to gain safety from harm and danger with confidence.    

A Word of Gratitude
Those pioneer resident monks whom helped built Wat Koh Wanaram are no longer living there simply because they’re wandering monks and they never stay at a dwelling place for too long.  Our only guess is many of the pioneering monks would have left by now.  Among them Ajahn Udon and Ajahn Sawang are most remembered during our visiting days.  Their meditation prowess had transformed them with good human quality setting examples of sheer bravery and generosity with a good sense of humor. They will always be remembered deeply inside the hearts of those who have had the good fortune to meet them personally.  

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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