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Penang's War Museum - Malaya in WW II

Flipping through Malaya's past history during World War II, this modern day Penang Island is where a British defense fortress was once built. Looking outward at the horizon at this hill fort is where the newly opened second Penang bridge as recently in 2014.

This War Museum is now an archaeology site to preserve some remaining history of British Malaya of the dark past.  Exploring what little remaining of this museum is both an adventure and learning experience for history lovers.  Nonetheless, this museum offers a panoramic view of the coast.


My grandma was just nine years old when the British started constructing this hill fort in 1930 and completed in 1939 in preparation for the Japanese invasion.  In my early childhood, grandma used to tell me about the horror war stories during her teenager days in which I could never grasped.  One of the dark tales that I could still recall vividly is the tanks and bicycles that Japanese soldiers used during the war. A restored WW II bicycle is being displayed inside this museum.

Both my grandparents had survived the peril of World War II in British Malaya.  The present day War Museum's grand entrance greets every visitors with a dark past seemingly awaiting for someone to discover its lost secrets.   

Today this place remained a haunted ground where most British prisoners-of-war were executed by Japanese soldiers.  For some people this could be an eerie place to visit. For the majority this museum has become a tourist attraction and this could be your ultimate experience to look back into the history in time. 

Restored WWII bicycle

Still under construction 17th Aug 1935

Underground Bunkers

Lest we not forget, life is hard in just any war. 

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