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Luang Pu Paew Pawaroh - Wat Rung Mun

There are many temples in Thailand famous for its impenetrable or invulnerability "Kongkrapan Chatri" sacred talismans.  For this same reason many readers would take SimplyBuy's article as a reference source for learning purpose and some would take the opportunity to obtain the sacred talismans to trade for money.  Whichever way it is, after each article story is published the price value of the talismans will gradually surge.  It's very disheartening that this became a trend.

Although I've thought about limiting the content on amulets which accompany each temple, the story may have a lesser demographic.  It is in my hope that this trend could be avoided.

Above everything else, to write a meaningful story based on truthfulness is the basis of SimplyBuy blog's existence. In this article, I've decided to expand the story about this temple at Nakhon Pathom province in Thailand.

This is in view that this temple is currently undergoing massive building construction during the past few years.  I have no doubt the temple constructions will be fully accomplished due to the generosity and support from kindhearted people around.

This article story will feature Luang Pu Paew Pawaroh, the temple abbot of Wat Pracha Rat Bumrung or more popularly known as Wat Rung Mun which is located in Khampaengsaen district, Nakhon Pathom province.  

To get to Wat Rung Mun it would take approximately 2 hours by car from Bangkok depending on traffic condition.  Nakhon Pathom is home to many famous monks and temples too from its ancient history to powerful amulets. The most well-known temple in Nakhon Pathom is perhaps Phra Pathom Chedi which is the oldest Buddhist site in Southeast Asia mostly frequented by tourists.  But we are not going anywhere near to tourist temples.   

To begin with, Luang Pu Paew was born on the 7th of Oct 1923.  He then ordained as a Buddhist monk in the Sangha Order on 27th June 1943 when he was just 20 years old. His ordination took place at Wat Nong Pla Lai in Khampaengsaen district.  Luang Pu Paew have been wearing the yellow robe serving Buddhism for 75 years until today.

Luang Pu Paew is highly respected by the locals and those who knew him from afar. On the another aspect, LP Paew's amulets are also very well-known and highly respected too for obvious reasons. I am not going to dwell about the amulet aspect here because it was written in one of my previous article - A Whirlwind Tour to Nakhon Pathom.

Before Wat Rung Mun (1959 to 2008) Luang Pu Paew was the abbot of another nearby temple called Wat Khampaengsaen.  That explains why Wat Rung Mun have been undergoing construction and development since its humble beginning from 2008 until what it is today under the guidance of the Venerable Luang Pu Paew.  

At 95 years old, Luang Pu Paew is still receiving many guests and well-wishers on a daily basis. It's almost a routine where Luang Pu Paew would give his blessing to people with his walking stick as he walked slowly toward the congregation area to receive all the guests.

Many visitors came here to support Buddhism cause and to make offerings just like to any other Buddhist temples around the world. Here at Wat Rung Mun the norm is to reach before 11.00am to offer Lunch Dana in accordance to Buddhist practice, and at the same time to meet Luang Pu Paew.

At times the Lunch Dana could be attended by many visitors especially on weekends.  It can be quite chaotic but done in an orderly fashion thanks to the loyal temple-helpers.

You may bring cooked food, fruits, salads, drinks etc. for the Lunch Dana. If that's inconvenient you can always opt to donate money at the donation boxes around the temple. The temple does not distinguish anybody whether they're rich or poor, old or young, sick or healthy.

Everyone is welcomed to Wat Rung Mun as long as you have faith in learning and practicing the Truth. Whatever merits that you would like to cultivate in your mind, you can do it with a happy heart right here.   

Amulets of Luang Pu Paew

Now comes the interesting part where readers and the amulet collectors love most.  Over the span of one decade various coins or medallion called Rian were minted for donation purpose to establish Wat Rung Mun.

The coins or talismans blessed by Luang Pu Paew are considered highly sacred due to many good experiences and feedback. Some of these are extreme cases such as surviving from gun shots or other life threatening incidences.

I do not want to make any further remarks nor to promote the talismans from Wat Rung Miun. The aim here is to covey a message to readers that many series of amulets have been consecrated over the years to help generate the required funds from donors for its building construction.

There is no way you could collect all the amulet series because it will become a very costly affair.  A few examples of amulets from Wat Rung Mun are shown in the above just for knowledge purpose without any intention to gratify reader's insatiable attachment to own them.

Luang Pu Paew have dedicated his life to lead the life as a Buddhist monk since 1945 and to teach Buddhism to everyone until today. This is a very noble act by any one person to be able to uphold the Buddha's teaching for the benefit of mankind.

With this short article story, I hope you will find solace and peace in the Buddha Sasana. May the Starlight of wisdom illuminate the way toward enlightenment for us all.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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