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Malaysia's Flood Disaster

The devastating flood situation in the East Coast of Malaysia has had a huge impact on the livelihood of fellow Malaysians affected by this natural disaster. This massive flood started past midnight on 23rd December 2014 with waters rivers in an alarming rate after a continuous storm.  As we speak today after 1 week, the waters are still at dangerous level with consistent rainfalls and overflowing rivers.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected especially children and elderly irregardless of their race, religion or the political divide. When you consume food in the comfort at your warm home tonight, please be thoughtful for the many displaced families at temporary relief shelters while some people are still stuck at remote interiors that are inaccessible by any means of rescue attempts. Suffering is the only word to describe a catastrophic event like this especially in Kelantan - the worst hit state.

Taking from one of the doctrine on Annica, Dukkha and Anatta (Impermanence, Suffering and Non-Self), Anicca or impermanence had always existed since time immemorial. Without a trained mind, one will see materialistic things as always permanent which is actually not so when there's Dharma understanding. In the human abode for example a house, property, chairs, table, car, etc. is impermanent and none is actually permanent.  In short, this Anicca pointed out that when we lose what our mind thought to be "mine", Dukkha (suffering) arises. Crying and lamenting by asking themselves "why this have to happen to me?" are too common to be heard from victims at the scene. We sincerely sympathize for those affected families and may they overcome their suffering soon.

This flood ordeal is horrific with daily rainfalls and gloomy skies even in Klang Valley which is spared from this disaster.  During this difficult period of time, we take an example of a mother and her daughter bearing with dry biscuits and plain drinking water for 2 days in mosquitoes and reptiles (snakes and crocodiles) infected waters. We have witnessed many similar distraught families during this time of chaos. Sanitation, drinkable waters, food, dry clothing, and a place to sleep, etc. is what our fellow Malaysians needed now. Such is the ordeal and suffering they have to go through with little hope of savaging what is leftover from this flood.

A massive humanitarian relief effort is required urgently whether it be donation in kind, food, financial aid or medical supplies. You can view more photos and latest news from online portals or the social media for latest update.  Please contact your local community or NGOs that are organizing disaster relief mission if you wish to give your support.

Disrupted water and electricity supply, intermittent telecommunication network, hunger, and price hikes on essential items in Kelantan is causing difficulties with impending shortages of supply due to road cut-off.  This also hampered relief workers and volunteers trying their best to assist. We are more concerned with the health and well-being of those in the affected areas in terms of water borne diseases that will usually occur.

Alleviating the suffering of just one life is already a good merit. We hope you would come forward and contribute some effort in anyway that is thoughtful to all fellow Malaysians in those affected states. Whatever we could do now is just a temporary relief for those stricken flood victims. The aftermath and rebuilding will be the most challenging part in the longer term.

There are many folks in Kelantan and other parts being badly affected in this situation have to live temporary at makeshift shelters by the roadside or under a bridge.  Water supply and electricity to those areas are being cut-off.  Cooking instant noodles from collected rain water is the only way to fill their hunger. This is the reality of a major disaster of such magnitude that torn down the life of many people. At the same time Southern Thailand also faced a similar wrath of this monsoon storms and flooding. Areas affected are Phattalung, Songkla, Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala.

Amulets for Charity Donation

You may wonder what has amulets got to do in such a dire situation. To be straightforward, every piece of amulet has a value attached with it whether its collectible, sacredness or monetary value.  In desperate times like this, amulet collectors could simply turn their collected amulets into cash in order to go through tough times.  Jobs and income may be temporarily halted and people will need cash to buy food to continue living in desperate times like this.  Converting amulets for cash is one way of savings for the rainy season by many seasoned amulet collectors.

We have also witnessed some good samaritans using their personal amulet collection to turn it into cash donation for this humanitarian relief effort.  In conclusion, sacred amulet talismans can be used in many good ways especially in times like this.

This is our message to those still suffering.....
We stand behind you - Be Strong.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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