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Luang Phor Suang - A Fortune Angel on Earth

Lately there had been so much talks in the amulet circle regarding an icon in Thai Buddhism – Luang Phor Suang dubbed as the 500 years old monk. We are not certain if this is just another marketing propaganda by certain quarters or a genuine sudden demand for Luang Phor Suang’s amulets. I can only advise do not simply believe what was said, but to acknowledge the knowing mind and don’t let attachment sink into your heart that could cause delusion and suffering.

If you sincerely wish to acquire the amulet based on faith after reading this article compilation that is extracted from different authors, please take some time to refer to my next posting titled “The Art of Collecting Amulets”. Hopefully my knowledge of years as a sacred amulet collector can be used as a reference source to benefit all readers and followers of amulet trends. I do not want to claim that we are experts in the field of Thai amulets or have a great knowledge about authenticity matters. In SimplyBuy logo, the word “Don’t” was purposely left out so that when you want to simply buy any amulet related stuffs, always don’t forget to add on the word “Don’t” in front of simply buy. In the cause of our quest to bring all previous articles to the world of amulet collectors here, we had always followed a simple methodology - Research, Evaluate, and only then Decide (RED). Hence, the denomination of this RED methodology is equivalent to Don’t Simply Buy.

The very least we ourselves as collectors can do is reading and researching.  If the so desired amulet comes knocking at your doorstep by destiny, that is a great moment of joy. What I meant by destiny is that the amulet somehow or rather find its way to you at a very fair price e.g. when you accidentally spotted it from some places without expecting to pay a hefty sum of money to purchase or it’s handed to you by someone that you have affinity with. Some high end amulets are just too expensive for a normal person to own. In this type of scenario, you don’t have to chase after it. If by destiny and luck it comes naturally, this is what I meant amulet come knocking at your door. Simply be prepared by getting to know more background information and be very patient. We have to learn to adopt the mental state of acceptance in neutral approach - if it comes, it comes. If not, never mind. Then the heart will be at ease without attachment to cause disturbance. Please refer to The Art of Collecting Amulets.

Continuing the interest of this article about this famed and elusive monk, we have compiled our research study based on various publications to provide a better grasp for the serious amulet collectors.

Amulets blessed by Luang Phor Suang are currently some of the most highly sought after Phims in the Thai amulet circle including nations who have a large following of Thai amulets in South East Asia e.g. Malaysia and Singapore. Luang Phor Suang led a solitary and somewhat mysterious life and he is known for his eccentricities. His amulets are also very well-known to be inherently powerful with KongKrapan properties e.g. invulnerability protection, and efficacious associated with extreme luck and fortune.

It was claimed that his amulets has many purposes that bring multiple blessings ranging from ChokLaap i.e. luck, wealth and fortune to “SianChok” extreme luck in all forms of gambling. However, we must be fully aware of the fact that Buddhism never encourages intoxication in line with the 5th Precept – To refrain from intoxication to the mind. The 5th precept is not only limited to alcohol abuse but also delighting in gambling as both indulgence can cause harmful effects and mind corruption. So far we haven’t heard of any so-called “reliable amulets” that can bring sure-win luck for gamblers. If that is the case, no casinos in the world would allow people who wear such talismans into their gambling premises. But to say it can help to increase one’s luck and fortune makes more sense. But in return one must put in effort to make the door open for luck and fortune to come in. Surely it is not by an easy way of garnering fortune by gambling.

His first generation amulets were created in B.E.2519 (1976 AD) is getting rare in the amulet market today. There are 2 generations of amulets created by Luang Phor Suang that is backed by contemporary collectors. The second generation was created in B.E.2539 (1996 A.D.). His second generation amulets was kept at Wat Suthat until B.E.2550 before released to the masses. Therefore, the price is still affordable. If you are not able to get the desired amulet generation, then try to follow the path of destiny and good practice in mastering the art of collecting.

Generally there are a few known Phims in his first generation amulets; Phra Khun Paen, Phra Somdej, Phra Pikanet, Phra Jao Sua, Phra Sivali, Phra Pong Supan Phra Nang Phaya and Phra Soomkor.  It is learned that his special Phim i.e. Phra Khun Paen Lang Yant Tri and Phra Somdej Devada Len Din of the first generation is the highest sought after Phim mainly due to scarcity from a collector’s perspective.  But from the point-of-view of efficacies, it is said that the Phra Khun Paen Lang Yant Tri is very powerful in its protective ability in warding off malevolent forces.

The second generation amulets are composed of a number of different Phims consecrated in B.E.2539 and released to the general public in B.E.2550 after 11 years.

Khun Paen Amulets
1. Khun Paen Phra Sartkhom with two Takruts
2. Khun Paen Phra Sartkhom with a single Takrut
3. Khun Paen Phra Sartkhom without takruts

Rice based material
1. Phra Somdej Khaosek
2. Phra Pitda Khaosek
3. Phra Sangkajai Khaosek
4. Phra Sivalai Khaosek
5. Phra Pikanet Khaosek

Takruts hand written
1. Takrut Mahasetti Koo with sacred spells carved by Luang Phor Suang
2. Takrut Ngern Tam Huay

Among the Keji monks whom took part in the consecration and blessing ceremony at Wat Suthat are listed below for reference only;

Luang Phor Koon, Wat Banrai, Korat
Luang Phor Kong
Luang Pu Nil
Luang Pu Kliang
Luang Pu Kerng
Luang Pu Jium
Luang Phor Hong
Luang Phor Key
Luang Pu Chern
Luang Pu Ing
Luang Pu Sai
Luang Pu Rith
Luang Pu Pard
Luang Phor Sing
Luang Phor Boonmar
Luang Phor Puang
Luang Phor Moon
Luang Pu Yatansuan
Luang Phor Put
Luang Phor Rian
Luang Phor Luang
Luang Phor Paiboon
Luang Phor Tim, Wat Phra Kao, Ayutthaya
Luang Phor Ruay
Luang Phor Hum
Luang Phor Pool
Luang Phor Tud
Luang Phor Tong
Luang Pu Lamai
Luang Pu Mek
Luang Phor Poon, Wat BanPhien, Ayutthaya
Luang Phor Nong
Luang Phor Klun, Wat KhaoOr
Luang Phor Kiew
Luang Phor Chin
Luang Phor Dum
Luang Phor Kalong
Luang Phor Pern
Luang Phor Sawai, Wat Preedaram, Nakhon Pathon
Luang Pu Jerd
Luang Phor Goey
Luang Pu Rod
Luang Pu Ngern
Luang Pu Prasit
Luang Pu Dee
Luang Pu Auyporn
Kruba Noi
Kruba Wongsa
Kruba Krissana - Butterfly King
Luang Pu Kumtun
Kruba Kumkerngaew
Luang Pu Mee
Luang Pu Tong
Luang Pu Jumniun
Luang Pu Luang
Luang Pu Chumnarn
Luang Phor Supot
Luang Pu Pimpa
Luang Phor Lum
Luang Phor Un
Luang Phor Goy
Luang Phor Pae
Luang Phor Unn

From stories told by villagers in Cambodia, Luang Phor Suang also liked to watch ‘Gai Chon’ (cock fights), and that he would often be seen sitting watching such competitions, clapping and cheering the cockerels as they fought. This is the rational for the Phim design of Phra Khun Paen Um Gai Maha Sanay (Khun Paen holding a cockerel).

The design of this Phra Khun Paen Um Gai is associated with one of the life facet in Khun Paen’s life where he enjoyed his favorite pastime at the cock fighting ring. Whenever devotees would seek Luang Phor Suang, many of them would often ask him for numbers (used for lottery). In many occasions, people would win large amounts of money, using the numbers they received from Luang Phor Suang. Some people would then go and pay respects again to Luang Phu, and donate a large sum of their winnings to him. Sometimes he would take the wad of cash and just throw it into the marshes. In such cases, most people ran over to the spot where he had thrown it to retrieve it, but they were never able to find it again. On other occasions, he would take the money, but would ask to go for a drive in the car of the devotee, and then would throw the money out at poor people on the way.

In the times of the internal war in Cambodia, when many refugees were fleeing to Thailand, it is said that Luang Phu Suang would change into white clothes , and go out to help bring the Cambodian refugees over into safety on the Thai side. Luang Phor Suang would make safe places to cross, and stick a white flag in the ground at the place where the people would be able to cross safely. Nobody is ever hurt from shooting or bomb blasts whilst crossing in the safe places marked by Luang Phor Suang. '

After the war, Luang Phor Suang returned to stay in his Gratom (wooden shack) in the middle of the field in Khukhant. When people visited they would enter the village of Lalom Sadao and ask at the local stores if Luang Phor Suang was at the Gratom in the field. If he was there, the villagers would always know, and if not they would say he was away on one of his mysterious voyages. It is believed by many people that Luang Phor Suang is over 500 years old, for which reason has a nickname “Luang Phor Suang Ha Roy Pi – Jam Wat Tua Jakrawan” (Lp Suang 500 years old, who resides all over the Universe).

Luang Phor Suang was also known for his rather odd behavior; on one occasion, he was invited to bless a new shop which had opened. Luang Phor Suang performed the chanting ceremony and blessings, then, as he finished, he stood up and hoisted his robe, and proceeded to urinate in front of the shop. The shop owner saw this erratic behavior and quickly rushed to catch the urine, which he then sprayed all over the shop. The shop owner explained later that Luang Phor Suang’s urine was actually not warm like that of a normal human, and that it was cool like ice. When the lottery came out, the winning number was exactly the same as the number of the shop address.

On other occasions, Luang Phor Suang was invited to house blessings together with monks from other temples. After the ceremony, Luang Phor Suang would move to the center of the room and excreted some dungs. In most cases the house owner would rush over and lay something under him to catch the excrement, and then spread it out at all corners of their house. It is said that his dung had a pleasant aroma.

In another Thai synopsis, it is a common knowledge that Luang Phor Suang like to hitch ride with people. No local folks would ever dare to refuse him, for if they did the car would not start, or start and stop intermittently. Luang Phor Suang would let them drive him for long distances then ask to get out at the most unlikely places. Once he would get out of the car and walk a few paces, he would then disappear from sight mysteriously. Sometimes, Luang Phor Suang is said to be present at the Gratom at Ban Lalom, but is also unpredictably capable of disappearing for long periods of time, and nobody knows where he has disappeared to.

When things get popular, fakes and imitations will begin to surface. This is an unfortunate reality that is unavoidable in the sphere of amulet collection. Therefore, please be very careful and take the necessary steps to avoid impulsive renting or purchasing of any highly acclaimed and sought after amulets.

After the passing away of Luang Phor Suang, there have been many amulets created by monks who want to pay respect to him by featuring his image. Some examples are Rian or medallion of Luang Pu Suang B.E.2544 created at Wat Prai Pattanaram (where Luang Pu Suang’s body is returned after passing away), amulets from Wat Krabor, etc. Therefore, it is always a good practice to seek further information on the history background.

Amulet legacies that was left behind by Luang Phor Suang or by other monks in veneration to him are all thought to help increase fortune. Whether this is a fact or hearsay, it is only by experiencing by oneself to know the truth when we have the opportunity to own a piece for remembrance of another well-gone Buddhist monk.

Luang Phor Suang’s simple lifestyle and always reaching out to people in need of his assistance earns the respect and support from people who knew him. The high Ultra Dharma that he had achieved had earned him the acclamation to a Fortune Deva Angel on Earth. Sadly, the universal law of Karma dictates that all matters must cease existence. Luang Phor Suang passed away on 7th September B.E.2543 after he had served for many years in the Buddhist faith. His teaching and contribution to mankind and all living beings had undoubtedly shown his dedication in the profound Dharma. He left his devotion behind through his amulet legacy for us who have strong faith and belief in him.

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