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Wat Meh Liew - Standing the Test of Time

This temple is said to be built in 1929 AD and had tasted every bit of the history during Malaysia’s growth. We have tried several attempts to reach this temple but were unsuccessful. I only managed to locate this temple thanks to a visiting Ajahn from Bangkok who came to Malaysia and directed me over. With some guidance finally the exact direction was clear and we took this opportunity to check out what’s in store at Wat Meh Liew although there are several write-ups on the Internet about this illusive temple. The aim of this article is to explore the available amulet talismans at Wat Meh Liew. This is a radical approach will be very interesting for the serious amulet hobbyists and collectors.

There are different arrays of talismans available ranging from Buddha’s figurines, GumanThong and an assortment of votive tablets at the temple amulet counter to choose. All donations from talismans will go into the temple’s fund.

Wat Meh Liew is another temple within KL city that is located at Jalan Pahang (nearby Tawakal hospital). The exact location is actually right behind the now abandoned Pekeliling flats for those who are unfamiliar with this temple.

From Jalan Pahang, head toward the Bulatan Pahang roundabout. Just before reaching the roundabout, you will pass by a MRT station and a mosque. Keep a look out on your left side for a small road just before reaching the roundabout. This small road will lead you into the temple entrance. The small bumpy road going toward the temple entrance may not look grandeur at all probably it was hidden behind civilization. By then you shall find Wat Meh Liew’s main entrance.

The Phra Phrom or 4 Faced Buddha is said to be able to grant wishes of faithful devotees at Wat Meh Liew based on some comments.  It is worth a try and there's no harm in trying if you are visiting the temple.  Just put a small donation to light up candlesticks and pray to Phra Phrom by going around in circle to each face direction. A couple of  abandoned blocks of Pekeliling flats at the background can be seen at the temple compound. 

Walking ahead just behind the Phra Phrom you can also pray to Lord Buddha, Kuan Yin and Lersi. 

Inside the Main Hall

Amulet Counter

After selecting the amulet visitors can have plastic casing service at the stall just next to the temple which is very convenient.  All photos in this posting are taken quite recently in May 2011.  I hope you would enjoy this tour just as much as we do.    

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