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Wat Balai Last Batch Mai Tao

For any would-be serious collectors of Kelantan's sacred Buddhist talismans, this is a great opportunity to own a highly acclaimed Mai Tao from Wat Pathumviharn or better known as Wat Balai.  This temple is well known for its efficacious Takrut, Mai Tao, and Tongkat Pen made by a master maker Than Plen (or Phra Khru Thammanan) following the method prescribed in Porthan Phut's manuscripts and other Kelantan's arcane sciences.  Besides getting this opportunity in owning a highly sought-after sacred talisman, it is also a good cause to help raise funds required for Wat Balai's much needed building restoration efforts.

A Message to All Readers:
Order Booking opens to public on 4/5/2012 and Ready for Collection on 3/8/2012.  The duration of consecrating and blessing of the holy objects will require 3 months.  All discerning amulet collectors can start reserving this Mai Tao/Pen and Bucha from the temple.  Funds from your generosity will go into the temple building and restoration.  The acquiring of holy talisman is on a first-come-first-get basis. 

Prior to the official announcement date for making this final Mai Tao/Pen batch, Wat Balai alredy received overwhelming response from the public (see below picture of whiteboard annoucement).  This was largely due to the many miraculous experiences from many people whom owned Than Plen's Mai Tao/Pen in the past.  The real reason given by Than Plen for this last and final consecration of Mai Tao/Pen was that the making process requires optimum mind concentration and had strained his eyesight badly.  From our interview with Than Plen, it's learned that the most valuable part of the sacred Mai Tao/Pen is the inserted handwritten yant scriptures and holy powders. Without this 2 potent ingredients, a pen is just a pen and a tongkat is just a tongkat. 

There are 3 main items available in conjunction with this year's Wesak Day.  The sacred items are Mai Tao (RM99), Pen Tongkat (RM99) that looks like any normal pen, and Phra Pertta Metta Mahaniyom 5" Bucha (RM299) made with copper/brass casting.

Important Reminder for those who wish to own the Sacred Mai Tao relayed personally by Than Plen 

For whosoever wished to use this magic wand (Tongkat Mai Tao/Pen) with good intent, I will confer my blessing for you to attain a blissful life and success. In contrast, whosoever use this magical wand with evil intent, without following the Dhamma path, or harbour ill thought about myself, this wand will lose its potent magical efficacy. I only made this wand with pure intention for whosoever that has high regard for me. Before you make an order for the sacred wand, please think and consider rationally about what I have said. This is the Last Batch of magic wand that is made by me whole heartedly. In the future I will make Phra Pertta Metta Mahaniyom type.

For those who have good fortune to receive this magic wand, you are advised to observe the 2 rules highlighted below;

1. Refrain from saying bad things about the Archan (guru) whom created this sacred magic wand

2. Refrain from selling this magic wand at a price higher than the original temple price

Failing to observe rule 1 and 2 above the magic wand will risk losing its supernatural power.

Sample of Mai Tao for viewing purpose. Length is approx. 3.5". Suitable to hang on a neck chain or to be used by placing inside a shirt pocket to hide from viewing eyes.

Sample Mold Cast - Phra Pertta Metta Mahaniyom 5" inch Bucha

Pengumuman Penting Kepada Semua Pihak Yang Ingin Memperolehi Mai Tao/Pen oleh Than Plen

Sesiapa saja yang menggunakan Tongkat Pen dengan cara baik dan jujur saya mendoakan supaya kehidupan tuan/puan semakin bertambah maju dan mendapat keberkatan. Sebaliknya sesiapa saja yang menggunakan Tongkat Pen dengan cara tidak baik, tidak mengikut lunas-lunas Dhamma atau mengatakan sesuatu yang menghinakan saya, maka Tongkat Pen itu akan hilang kuasa kesaktiannya. Saya mempunyai niat membuat Tongkat Pen untuk sesiapa sahaja yang berminat dengan saya sahaja. Dengan itu sebelum tuan/puan membuat tempahan tuan/puan hendaklah berfikir dengan teliti dan membuat pertimbangan dengan penuh rasional. Tongkat Pen ini saya buat dengan sepenuh jiwa raga dan adalah keluaran Kali Terakhir. Pada masa akan datang saya akan keluarkan Phra Pidta Metta Mahaniyom.

Kepada sesiapa yang menerima Tongkat Pen tuan/puan dilarang sama sekali;

1. Menghina saya sebagai Archan yang menghasilkannya

2. Menjual Tongkat Pen dengan harga yang mahal dari harga sebanar.

Merujuk kepada perkara 1 dan 2 di atas maka dengan sendirinya Tongkat Pen akan hilang kuasa kesaktian.

May the above information provided serve your quest for conducting a noble cause for Wat Balai's building restoration.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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