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Good Morning Saigon

A Photo Story

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. Under the name Prey Nokor, it was the main port of Cambodia before being annexed by the Vietnamese in the 17th century. Under the name Saigon, it was the capital of the French cology during Cochinchina and later of the independent state of South Vietnam from 1954 to 1975 by the Americans.  In 1976 after the fall of US influence, Saigon was officially renamed Ho Chi Minh City.

A place to be for serious coffee lovers and handicraft shopping sprees in this part of Southeast Asia region is to look no further than Vietnam.  The title of this article 'Good Morning Saigon' was specially chosen to reflect this nation's early waking up habit to enjoy a bowl of Pho noodle or a loaf of baguette with coffee in this former French colony. The center stage of this story is the popular Ben Thanh market in Saigon where everyone goes there to get a dose of daily produce, fresh fruits, coffee powders, and souvenirs to bring home. A bustling metropolitan city in this aspect with a touch of oriental culture. Enjoy!

After more than 300 years of development, Ho Chi Minh City presents many ancient architectural constructions, famous vestiges, and renowned sights. It is remarkable for its harmonious blending of traditional national values with Northern and Western cultural features.

Ben Thanh Market
Ben Thanh sells everything in a packed market. Clothes and fabrics in front give way to kitchenware and souvenirs, backing on to food and produce. Be prepared as sellers here are particularly ferocious. It isalso a prime spot for watching the city's dizzying traffic.

Sipping a fresh coconut to quench thirst after drinking plenty of Vietnamese coffee may be a good alternative solution. The market can be very hot inside during a hot sunny afternoon. If you don't mind sweating out a little you can carry on bargaining from stalls to stalls for what may interest you.

Street Food Anyone? 

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