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The River of Kings

The Chao Phraya River in central Bangkok play many roles in Thailand. In fact it is regarded as the principal artery of the nation. Much of Thai history can be traced along the banks of Chao Phraya river where in the past the main transportation system was through this complex water canal system. This water canal system was once dubbed as 'Venice of the East'.  In modern day this is known as Bangkok Water Ways.

As the river flows along the different piers, it carries the rich history and culture of this cosmopolitan city by providing access to Bangkok's famous attractions many of which are in the Thonburi Rattanakosin eras. Old temples, palaces and communities along the Chao Phraya River bank tells us that this important river had provided livelihood to the many folks whom had lived here till this day. Past Kings also traversed this river too thus this article named it The River of Kings.


The get the best water taxi experience is to head to Sathon Pier. From here the rest of the journey is simply mesmerizing for those who have never tried it before. Apart from being a truly affordable approach to visit this Venice of the East, first-time visitors will get the thrill of what it's like to travel in the presence of the past glory.  

Simply get your camera ready and snap the picturesque views of Chao Phraya river bank as you cruise along the journey. Many tourists would try not to miss this outing experience as they themselves blends into with the local commuters to get a feeling of what it is like with this 'water taxis'. You will probably be thanking yourself for not getting into a traffic jam.

Coffee shops and eateries along the river banks 

The water taxis can be crowded during certain time of the day. Be prepared to stand at the rear. You still get to take nice photography and mingle with people around. Couples may find this experience very romantic especially for first-timers as it provides a nostalgic feeling of travelling back to the past Venice of the East.

River Stops 

The two most notable temples of historical importance along the Chao Phraya river is Wat Arun and Wat Rakang. Both temples were built during the Ratanakosin era. Visitors could stop along the route to tour temples and the Grand Palace all located alongside the river. We won't be able to tell you where exactly you must stop but it's advisable that you carry along a free tourist map where you could get it from your hotel.

Shopping for ornaments and accessories

A self-organized tour to The River of Kings would usually ends up at Tha Chang Pier for most foreign visitors like us. At this point, there're other tourist attractions available especially the Grand Palace and some important temples within the vicinity that one could pay a visit.

A River Network To Other Places of Interest

Bus and taxis are easily available in this metropolitan city.  There should be no problem at all in getting public transportation to your next destination after getting off at the river pier. For most shoppers they will head to downtown shopping paradise like MBK or Paragon. As a solo traveler the most preferred mode of transportation is actually a fast 'motorcycle taxi' ride into or out of the city.  

The notorious Tuk Tuk

Strolling along the street

Who says manicures and pedicures are for ladies. In most part of Bangkok, getting oneself pampered with a professional foot massage treatment is a norm. Courteous service in this Land of Smiles is hard to resist for many tourists.

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

Bangkok is a shopping heaven for most ladies and to some men as well. In the early days most businesses are transacted nearby or along the Chao Phraya river. Traders will come from all over Thailand to sell their goods and wares along this river and canals. There are no no major shopping centers or big markets as it is today. With modern amenities and air-conditioning during the heat of the day, just simply enjoy the many shopping areas has to offer.


Getting to Jatujak Market

The river connection will not be able to take us to inner lands. To get to other parts of Bangkok away from the riverside there are a few choices of transportation such as the BTS Skytrain, taxis, local buses, Tuk Tuk and of course not forgetting to mention the favorite motorcycle taxi. Modern Bangkok won't be as today without its network artery of roads. From river taxis we now take land transportation to the all time favorite Jatujak's weekend market. Not to shop but to see different faces of life from a new perspective through the camera lens.     


Young street music performers  

Just wondering 'How much is that doggy in the window'

Happy Street Food Trader

All life are precious as every beings are born according to their own Karma. May we always lift the suffering of others with a heart of compassion. 

Jatujak Market after all is not just a shopping heaven for clothing, fashion, and handbags. There are plenty of wares, antiques and replicas as this is one place on earth where goods from all over Thailand are congregated here during the weekend that will guarantee to astonish all tourists alike.

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