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Good Deeds Protection

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Life-saving amulets will usually get high attention and as usual this kind of news will be widely circulated among amulet enthusiasts not just in Thailand but also in neighbouring countries. The news of media mogul Sondhi Limthongkul being shot and stories of how his talisman had protected his life spread like wild fire. Amulet traders will only tell one part of the story by showing the kind of amulet or talisman that had protected someone without telling other hidden elements. Our verdict on this exceptional story will point the hidden element that protected Sondhi’s life. The element of doing good deeds in life apart from solely relying on amulet protection is the safest bet.

This is based on a true story that started just before the dawn of April 17, 2009 at about 5 am while Sondhi Limthongkul was on his way in a MPV to his early morning daily satellite TV show at ASTV. He was ambushed by a few gunmen armed with automatic military weapons; M-16, AK-49, HK-33 and an M-79 hand grenade. Hundreds of bullets were sprayed at the MPV that was carrying Sondhi. Hails of shots were fired at the tyres, then to the vehicle body and wind shields. Under normal circumstances nobody would have survived such kind of ordeal.

Photo images posted below are obtained from various internet sources to accompany this news story.

Surviving the mafia style execution, Sondhi was still conscious and even able to walk before he underwent an operation to seek treatment to the bullet wounds he received from the attack. Sondhi was brought to Wachira Hospital in the city where he was found to have a bullet scraping through his scalp on the right side causing fracture to his skull. There were also some bullet fragments inside his skull which required surgery. He recuperated for a few days and recovered fully after a successful operation.

Talisman advertising and promotions related media will highlight the Jatukam Phayant cloth B.E.2530  inside the MPV as the main factor that gave life protection to Sondhi. But from another aspect, the hidden elements of kindness and conducting oneself well in the right path as human being was never being raised.  

Conducting good moral and doing good deeds are essential elements as taught in Buddhism doctrine. The article in the below paragraph will provide readers the entire story and hopefully provide the entire truth about regardless who the person, conducting good deeds is a blessing by itself following the law of karma.

Sondhi: My good deeds protect me

Source: The Nation, April 30, 2009

Sondhi was speaking to reporters after giving statements to police over the gang-shooting incident at dawn of April 17. Sondhi sustained injuries to his head and stomach after a hail of almost 100 bullets were fied at his car.

Sondhi expressed confidence National Police Commission deputy director-general Pol Gen Thani Somboonsap as chief investigator of the case would arrest the real culprits and not scapegoats.

He denied that he knew who masterminded the assassination saying he just told police as what happened on that day.

He also denied press reports that he would go on a pilgrimage to India as the media had reported.

He also dismissed speculation that he had sacred item that helped protect him from being assassinated.

"Klaew Thanikul had highly-sacred Somdej Wat Rakang amulet in his mouth but he did not survive,'' Sondhi said.

Sondhi was referring to a mafia in a boxing and gambling business who was assassinated in a boxing stadium in Nakhon Pathom during the National Peace Keeping Force rule in 1991. More than ten strong men sprayed bullets at the mafia, who failed to escape the last attempt on his life.

"I just do good deeds to protect myself. This has proven that anyone who do good deeds will be protected,'' he said

We hope all blog readers, amulet enthusiasts and hobbyist collectors will share the same understanding in having great protection from amulet talismans and follow Buddha's message for goodness and peace to mankind.  

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