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LP Thuad M16

Note: This article was extracted from news source for the benefit of readers without any motive linking to any political parties in Thailand.

Thai PM protected 
by amulet shield
Source: Sun, Dec 13, 2009
The Nation/Asia News Network

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva can boast of only one notable piece
in his Thai amulet collection - the Luangphor Thuad M16 - while the
other prized specimens are "on loan", an expert says.

Following speculation that he was wearing light armour for 
self-protection under his shirt due to the political turmoil, Abhisit 
unbuttoned his shirt to show journalists 10 amulets around his neck.
The public especially amulet enthusiasts wondered what was in the 
premiere's collection. Abhisit reportedly had been given several 
outstanding examples, so his collection could be worth an eight-digit 

However Democrat MP for Bangkok, Thana Cheeravinij, who
frequently visits the Sunday Moradok Thai amulet club at Pantip 

Plaza's Mall Ngam Wongwan branch, said Abhisit was 
Western-schooled so he was not into Thai amulets.

When Abhisit first took the top job, he had none of the 
highly-regarded Benjapakhi amulets, but only the
"Luangpor Thuad M16" anointed at Pattani's Sai Khao Temple
in 1991, which was the only one that could impress enthusiasts, 
he said.

Other significant amulets the premiere obtained later on were "
ones that people lent to him to wear for a period of time". They
include the Jatukham Ramathep amulet's Lakmuang 1st edition 
anointed in 1987, which Democrat MP Thepthai Senpong 
lent to Abhisit, and the Luangputhuad Wat Changhai clay amulet
anointed in 1954.

Law expert Sukit Pulsrikasem said amulet lending needed to take 
into consideration the period of time because an indefinite lending
period could be the equivalent of giving as a gratuity.

Thanadech Rakchucheep, an expert in Jatukham Ramathep amulets, 
said the Jatukham Ramathep amulet's Lakmuang 1 edition anointed 
in 1987 at Nakhon Si Thammarat's Phra Mahathat Temple was 
highly valuable.  

Especially those with a black colour body and tints of silver could 
have fetched Bt1.8 million (S$75,600) each during the 
Jatukham Ramathep craze of 2007, he said.  Even with the price 
dropping to Bt800,000 (S$33,600) to Bt900,000 (S$37,800), 
most of those obtaining this edition would not want to part with it 
because it was regarded as the "super Jatukham Ramathep amulet", 
he said.

Chainarit Panthong, an expert on Buddha statues and amulet 
enthusiast association's Phra Luangporthuad amulet, said the
Luangputhuad Wat Changhai clay amulet anointed in 1954, 
especially the "large A Hua Khid print edition" amulets in 
good condition, could be worth Bt5 million (S$210,000) each.

The "large B print edition" amulet was worth about Bt2 million 
(S$84,000) to Bt3 million (S$126,000), while the "large C print 
edition" was worth about Bt1 million (S$42,000) to Bt2 million 
(S$84,000), he said.

The Luangputhuad Wat Changhai clay amulet anointed in 1954 
could appreciate in the future because it was regarded as a highly
revered talisman among people, especially Trang residents, he said.

As for the Luangpor Thuad M16 that the premiere owned, many 
southern amulet collectors agree that it was "highly experienced" 
and "believed to bestow on the wearer the outstanding feature 
of immortality". It was nicknamed "M16" because of a story in 
which the amulet wearer was shot at with a M16 assault rifle until
all of his shirt was torn but the bullets could not penetrate his skin.

This amulet anointed by Phra Ajarn Nong Thammaphuto was worth
from hundreds of baht to over Bt1,000. Chainarit said the low price
was because the amulets were mass made. The amulet's reverse was
printed with "Nor 72", meaning that Phra Ajarn Nong made them 
when he was 72 years old.

The giving of a Buddha amulet as a souvenir and for self-protection 
was reportedly popular among Thais from the past until the present 
time. Some villagers offered them as a gift to Abhisit on several 

Ajahn Nong's classic Lang Taolit LP Thuad

On January 2, during Abhisit's visit to the Tha Chin riverside 
community in Nakhon Pathom's Nakhon Chaisri district, 
Lor Khiewkhramchin, 79, presented him a Luangpu Boon amulet
and a Luangpu Pherm (First Edition) amulet from 
Klang Bang Kaew Temple, both worth over Bt100,000, 
to show moral support.

On March 20, while Abhisit was conferring awards to the
outstanding health volunteers of this year at Muang Thong Thani,
one of the recipients, Payom Kaewwongchan, handed him 
a Buddha amulet.

She said in an interview that she gave the premiere the 
Luangputhuad clay amulet from Pattani's Changhai Temple as 
a sacred gift that would protect him from all harm and let him 
serve as the prime minister for a long time.

On November 23, Democrat MP for Bangkok Samart Maluleem
invited venerated Thai tattoo master Ajarn Noo Kanphai to meet 
the premier at Government House. The master also gave the 
premiere and his bodyguards a medallion inscribed with five lines
of sacred Thai scripture and a Luangputhuad clay amulet from 
Pattani's Changhai Temple. 

"Luang Pu Thuad Yim" 
 The Smiling Luang Pu Thuad

In the year of BE2534, His Holiness Phra Achan Nong - 
the chief abbot of Wat Saikow was in the process of making 
some amulets.  His holiness disciples were around and asked 
about the amulets Achan Nong was making.  Suddenly Archan 
Nong asked them a question as to what shall he name this batch
of amulet? 

His Holiness disciples took a closer look and examined the

amulets which Phra Acahn Nong was making.  They noticed 
the big smiling face of Luang Pu Thuad amulets and they all 
loved the beautiful smiling face of this particular amulet. 
Achan Nong acknowledged and replied by saying 
Smiling Luang Pu Thuad! Good Name. We shall call it Luang
Pu Thuad Yim.  Not many pieces of this smiling Luang Pu
Thuad were made back then in BE2534.  According to
information only about 2000 pieces were made.  

Miracles happened involving this amulet changes everything.  
Around the same year in BE2534, bandits in Southern
Thailand shot a pick-up truck driver with M16 machine rifles
while he was travelling along the notorious Yala-Bentong
stretch of road. The truck driver survived the insurgents
attack. It was reported that the truck was ridden with many
bullet holes but the driver survived.

After the incident, the truck driver went to Wat Saikow
to pay his respect, he reported  the whole incident to
Phra Achan Nong telling that he was wearing the
Phra Luang Pu Thuad Yim at the time of the bandits attack.
The news then spread and the original Phra Luang Pu
Thuad Yim starts to have a new nickname the M16.

Miracle stories about amulets in Thailand spread very fast like
wild fire. There was a rush for Phim Phra Luang Phor Thuad
Yim a.k.a. M16. The compassionate monks at Wat Saikow
and Achan Nong consecrated at least 4 more Luang Pu Thuad
M16 using the original mould design to meet with the rising
demands from collectors, disciples, visitors and devotees.

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