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Ayutthaya Temples

As we know from history Ayutthaya was the capital city of Thailand before it was invaded and destroyed by the Burmese. The entire city was burnt down and what was left behind are ruins from a once majestic capital city. Wat Mahathat was perhaps the most popular archaeology and tourist site that is still intact.

According to the Royal chronicles, Wat Mahathat was built by King Baram Rachathrat I around A.D. 1374 and was completed the reign of King Ramesuan in A.D. 1390. This is an important religious site where the relic of Lord Buddha was kept.

From historical record, monk Samiramo (Luang Pu Thuad) then a young monk in his 20s also came to Ayutthaya to further study Buddhist scriptures circa early A.D.1600. Ayutthaya was the center nerve center of religion and admistration of the old Kingdom. LP Thuad lived during the peaceful period when Buddhism reign througout the kingdom with prosperity.

Some of the building structures at Wat Mahathat had survived the fall of Ayutthaya but not the city. A large part of this ancient capital city and other surrounding temples was badly destroyed and burnt down by the Burmese. Since then, Ratanakosin era began with the shift from Ayutthaya downward to what we know today as Bangkok.

Thailand's popular legend Khun Paen The Great General had defended the people and the King during the war years with Burmese invaders. Hence, the supremacy of Khun Paen sacred amulets and Takruts (sacred spells written on metal sheets) for protection against danger and harms may have largely originated from this turbulent region.

Legend of Khun Paen - The Warlord

“Courage creates a Hero,

Destroyed by Passion,

Through magic he becomes a legend”

The legendary hero was born in the central north district Suphanburi in a small village known as Baarn Krang during the era of Ayutthaya in B.E.2173 (A.D.1630). He is the Great General with enormous ability whom there is none comparable to him up to this date.

There are many Khun Paen amulets bearing his image mostly depicting him in meditation posture seated on a lotus throne covered by a rooftop and embroided pillar on each sides. Some images may also depict a Guman Thong 'baby ghost being' sleeping beneath him and his wives on each sides.

From stories told, one of his beautiful wife Nang Buakhi died while pregnant. The baby also died prematurely. Using his magical science knowledge in activating and controlling spirits, Khun Paen chanted for full 49 days and performed sacred rituals to make Guman Thong from the dead baby corpse so that he could command the spirit to do anything for him. After successfully bringing the dead corpse into life, its spirit is known as Guman Thong.  After having Guman Thong to assist him in many of his pursuits in the battlefield, he won battle after battle and became famous more than ever.

Khun Paen died at the age of 75 in B.E.2249 (A.D.1705). After his death, his secrets with the Guman Thong and other spiritual occult sciences were revealed. In later years, a temple in Suphanburi known as Wat Baarn Krang was built in memory of the Great General Khun Paen and his faithful Guman Thong by the King of Suphanburi.

Phra Khun Paen votive tablet originated from Wat Baarn Krang handmade with baked clay

It is a common belief that Khun Paen votive tablets are associated with love and opposite sex attraction. From an Ajhan (Teacher) whom we have interviewed, if our mind don’t think that Khun Paen is for love and attraction, then it will not manifest its properties for love and attraction. It is all in the mind.

Old Phra Khun Paen amulets from Wat Baarn Krang are the most sought-after. But if any Khun Paen votive tablet whether new or old could display some of the properties listed below, it is definitely a great collection no matter from which temple it may come from.

• Harm proof against any type of deadly weapons or "Kong Krapan"

• Ability to attract the opposite sex naturally or "Maha Saneh"

• Get to be liked, trusted, respected and admired by everyone

• Get to develop indestructible confidence and courage

• Easier to ask for favor and help

• Gain the “upper hand” in business or career

• Successful in everything that your do

• Great luck and great charm

• Victories in all aspects of life

The properties of every Phra Khun Paen amulets will depend on the creator either it's for Protection, Metta Mahaniyom, Great Charisma or Maha Saneh.

Khun Paen did not produce amulets during his lifetime until his death in AD 1529. During the early Rattanakonsin period many authors and poets described his life story in many versions. That is the time when books, lyrics and poems of the legendary Khun Paen in Thai literature began. During this period Phra Khun Paen votive tablets were produced at Wat Baarn Krang.

After the finding of Phra Khun Paen amulets in the old Kru of Suphanburi just a century ago, the influence and fame of Khun Paen amulets spread all over Thailand and his legend continues till today as part of Thai literature.

From historical account Khun Paen votive tablets from Wat Baarn Krang was first made and most prized by every collectors. One may associate the making of powerful Khun Paen amulets and Takrut to great masters from the past and present whom followed the ancient texts in making these highly sought after holy objects. Of course there are also other famous ancient temples in Suphanburi and Ayutthaya that produces great Khun Paen talismans.

Another magnificent votive tablet that hails from Ayutthaya era is Luang Poh Toh, Kru Wat Bang Krathing. Legend has it that the owner of LP Toh Kru Wat Bang Krathing impervious to sharp weapons and bullets. It was first discovered inside an old Kru at Wat Bang Krathing. It has very high warrior Kong Krapan properties in terms of providing protection to the owner from my own experience.

Legend has it that LP Toh from the Old Kru of Wat Bang Krathing in Ayutthaya is impervious to sharp weapons and bullets.  In other words it has very strong “Kong Krapan Chatri” ability for the owner.  That is the why we may have heard people from amulet circle mentioning that LP Toh Bang Krathing is mostly worn by triad members. However, we reject such notion and would assume that all amulets are created with merits by individual master.  This is a powerful stuff and almost immediately one can feel a behavioral change from fear to fierce.    
From our study, past famous masters e.g. Luang Phor Jong of Wat Natangnok, Luang Phor Parn of Wat Bangnomkho, Luang Phor Tim of Wat Phra Khao, all hailed from Ayutthaya Province and they had learned great arcane sciences in producing effective talismans.

The black takrut with golden foil contained bone ashes of LP Jong for Maha Amnat "Command and Control". The silver takrut with golden foil is for Maha Metta or gain affinity with people.

LP Parn's famous trademark Somdej.

LP Tim Wat PhraKao B.E.2540

Ayutthaya's remaining well known masters today are mostly in their advance age and it is worthwhile to pay a visit and obtain blessings from these old masters if you are in Ayutthaya. Some of the well known masters still alive today featured here are special monks who had attained very high level of Buddhist practice; Ven. LP Perm of Wat Pom Gaew in his 80s, Ven. LP Chamlong of Wat Chedi Daeng in his 90s and Venerable LP Poon of Wat Ban Phaen in his late 70s.

Wat Chedi Daeng

The highlight of old masters will bring us to Wat Chedi Daeng hidden in a small village in Ayutthaya. LP Chamlong is famous for his Takrut's supremacy for "kongkrapan" invulnerability and "metta mahaniyom" for loving affection. LP Chamlong is famous for his trademark in demonstrating the effectiveness of his "kongkrapan chatri" takrut by scratching a knife at the body of the wearer after handling over his takrut to the devotee.

In those early days LP Chamlong frequently accept local visitors and people seeking his miraculous takruts. At present LP Chamlong is physically weaker due to stroke he suffered and his old age. However, LP Chamlong never lack the prowness when performing holy water blessing to all devotees whether young or old. The holy water splashing is still very strong despite LP Chamlong's age and one will feel as though been pushed by a mysterious force when the water touches a person.

The 2 types of takrut is easily distinguised by the color; black wrapped with gold foil (for invulnerability) and red wrapped with gold foil (for loving affection).

LP Chamlong also created a hand-made Phra Khun Paen. This limited Khun Paen amulet is over 30 years old (circa B.E.2523) according to LP Chamlong.  This very rare classic piece contained Plaai Guman powder. The design of this Phra Khun Paen amulet is represented by an image of Gumanthong sleeping at the bottom. Therefore, this image is most appropriate for weaering when having a negotiation or engaging in business joint-venture. In general, wearing Khun Paen image will bring unexpected good results due to the spiritual assistance from Gumanthong as depicted in the amulet. This good result is especially significant if the image contains Plaai Guman's powder.

In addition, Khun Paen has the enromous ability to provide blessings to usher wealth, decipher danger, and improving affinity with people to all who wear his image. Indeed this very rare and potent Phra Khun Paen amulet made by LP Chamlong that is hard to come across by most collectors.

Not many people know that LP Chamlong also make Khun Paen amulets apart from his Takrut supremacy. The Phra Khun Paen amulet featured here is the last piece from Wat Chedi Daeng. At present, there are not many masters in Thailand who can make effective Plaai Guman based Khun Paen talismans.

LP Chamlong's Phra Khun Paen is rarely seen by the public. We're very fortunate that this very rare piece was given the permission in this website by its owner whom is also SimplyBuy's community member.

In the early 90's throng of visitors visit Wat Chedi Daeng on daily basis to obtain the takrut and blessing from LP Chamlong. In those days LP Chamlong would personally give the black color takrut to devotees.
Takrut Tone Dam Khongkrapan Maha Amnat (Black) and Takrut Daeng Metta Mahaniyom (Red)

Most devotees would request LP Chamlong to test the "Kongkrapan Chatri" on their body. The devotee will hold the takrut on his palm after receiving it and place complete trust to the protective power of the takrut. The testing procedure will begin with LP Chamlong reciting mantra and sprinkling "Nam Mon" or chanted holy water onto the back of the devotee. Once done, LP Chamlong would hold a very sharp knife which is more like a 12 inch length Meed Moh to tear the flesh of the devotee with all his energy.

Tearing of the flesh with a knife by LP Chamlong may be brutal to witness on the scene. The above picture is a happy devotee whom had tested the sacred power of LP Chamlong's takrut without feeling any pain or whatsoever. The skin surface abrasion will normally heal in 1 or 2 days without any visible marks. Today LP Chamlong do not perform this test ritual anymore due to his old age.

LP Chamlong had since passed away at 10pm on 8th February 2012 (B.E.2555).  He was 87 years old at time of passing having spent many years in the Sangha Order.  LP Chamlong was especially known for his famous Takrut "Tone Dam Khongkrapan-Maha Amnat" and Takrut "Daeng Metta" as described above using ancient Ayutthaya method.

Wat Pom Gaew

LP Perm of Wat Pom Gaew is recognized as one of Thailand's true Guru Monks, practiced in the arts of meditation, telepathy and magical incantations. On 27 March B.E. 2553 LP Perm is 83 years old.  There are many miracle experiences associated to his amulet.

LP Perm studied meditation and magical incantations from many famous Guru Monks in the past. LP Perm also studied the art of making efficacious Phra Phrom amulet and TaKrut from LP Doo of Wat Sakae, Ayutthaya province. Every day many people will come and pay respect to LP Perm just like LP Chamlong.

People claimed that LP Perm is a monk who possess a lot of supernatural power "Parami" and "Metta" loving- kindness.

Poster inside temple featuring various amulets created by LP Perm from B.E.2517 to B.E.2548.

Wat Ban Phaen

LP Poon is one of top famous guru monk in Thailand. Every type of his amulets are very powerful. LP Poon is espcially proficient in making takrut. LP Poon was born on 16 November 1932. LP Poon studied magical knowledge from many guru monks such as LP Sanan, Wat SaoTong Thong. LP Poon's Takrut is especially powerful.

The above 6" length Takrut was highly acclaimed by local Thais for its supremacy in giving protection to the wearer against harms from firearms e.g. gun.

LP Poon Parakit Mai Ma Yom are all hand-carved from trees. This is an auspicious type of tree called “Mai Ma Yom” that could help the owner to be admired and loved. All yant scripts surrounding the parakit are hand inscribed. Special blessed by Lp Poon and inserted with holy powder at the tip of the parakit. People believed that parakit by LP Poon can also protect the owner from all natural calamity and attract luck, wealth and prosperity for the worshipper.

Wat Phananchoeng Worawihan

Situated not far away from Wat Mahathat is Wat Phananchoeng Worawihan. Perhaps this the largest Thai-Chinese temple we have seen in Ayutthaya. It is the only temple in Ayutthaya that incorporates Chinese design elements into contemporary Thai Buddhsim.

According to local Thais, the original temple is as old as Wat Mahathat that survived the destruction by Burmese armies. The temple was restored and is venerated by Thai-Chinese migrants whom majority came to Thailand and resided in Ayutthaya province.

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