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Wat Pikunthong

Wat Pikunthong in Singburi Province is closely associated with the abbot Luang Phor Pae (B.E.2448 to B.E.2542). He was given the priest name Khemangaro by his Preceptor. Thus his priesthood name is Phra Dhammamuni Pae Khemangaro. Although LP Pae passed away in 1999 (Buddhist calendar B.E.2542), he is still very much respected for his good Karma and sustaining the Buddhist faith. Visitors can pay homage to LP Pae’s image at the main shrine near the temple entrance.

Luang Phor Pae has passed away on 10th Feb'99 (2542) in his age of 94. When Luang Por Pae was 11 years old, he studied Pali from Pra Ah Jahn Pan and Pra Ah Jahn Pom at Wat Pikunthong. When he was 14 years old, he went toBangkok to study Pali under Pra Ah Jahn Som who was a Cambodian monk at Wat Chanasongkahm. Luang Por Pae at the age of 16 years, returned to Wat Pikunthong and became a novice monk, after which he went to Wat Chaanasongkahm to further his learning in advanced Pali until the age of 22 years old. Pra Mongkontipmunee (Bangkok) was his preceptor and Phra Kru Sittidet was his Dhamma teacher.

In year BE2474 (1931), he became the abbot of Wat Pikunthong. He re-built Wat Pikunthong from an old and ruined temple to what is it today - a beautiful and well-known temple in Singburi Province as well as in the Thai kingdom. LP Pae created and chanted the first amulet in BE2482 (1939) to raise funds for re-building the temple.

Luang Por See of Wat Praphrang helped LP Pae to create the first batch of amulets; Pra Glee Bua and Waen Chaai Ying (Man Woman Ring). From that time onwards, LP Pae became well-known as a monk who was very good in making amulet until this present day. LP Pae amulets are good and well proven with many experiences from people who wear his amulets claimed that LP Pae amulets gave protection and Metta loving kindness to the wearers. His amulets are very popular in both Thailand and overseas.

I've planned to visit this temple but due to the time factor and the distance from Bangkok, I have decided to postpone my visit till September 2008. It is simply amazing for a first time visitor to see this temple located in a village. The buildings structures and a big Buddha's statue facing the vast paddy fields can be seen far away before reaching this temple.

The month of September is a rainy season in Thailand. By the time me and my Thai friend headed toward Wat Pikunthong around 3.30pm after visiting Wat Keschaiyo, it's beginning to drizzle. By the time we almost got there the rain almost halted to a stop. Heavy thunderstorms in the late afternoon was expected during my stay in Bangkok this time around. Travelling time from Bangkok to Wat Pikunthong in Singburi will take approximately 3 hours.

Wat Pikunthong is a very rich temple because there is never shortage of any needs. The temple was very well maintained and orderly. LP Pae had done a remarkable work in rebuilding what used to be an old temple into one of the finest temple in Thailand.

This picture was taken at the gate entrance into the temple.

Finally went inside the temple compound when rain started to pour again. We managed to ask around for some direction and this building is for visitors to pay homage to LP Pae.

After paying homage to LP Pae and making our wish, we took some photograph for some memory of this visit. We then went over to the next building beside to visit the amulet center.

Most of the amulets for renting are new batches (circa B.E.2530's and after B.E.2542). If you are looking for the oldies e.g. Song Paan or Sam Paan B.E.2510-2512, you will not be able to find it here as they are long gone. Not even the temple have any samples let alone for renting.  However, with good intent to make donations in return for a piece of Wat Pikunthong amulets is already doing good cause in charity deeds.

Below are some collectible amulet series from private collection.

B.E.2514 (1971)

Katoh B.E.253x

B.E. 2528 (Remade batch that resemble B.E.2515) Black burnt material or known as Bailan

Own collection shown below is one of the many amulet batches that were created during LP Pae's lifetime before passing away in B.E.2542.

Pae 4 Batch

Contrary to popular belief it is said that LP Pae created only one batch of Phra Khun Paen in B.E.2522 made from white holy powder "Neur Pong".  But our viewpoint don't support this belief simply because LP Pae had created many amulet batches during his lifetime.  The Khun Paen piece below was made around circa B.E.2521 with dark/white surface color appearance.

Shown below are LP Pae buchas for renting inside Wat Pikunthong amulet store.

Overall my maiden visit to Wat Pikunthong was very joyful as my wish was granted.With many thanks to my friends for taking time and gracious hospitality to enable my visit to Singburi a success.

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