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Amulet Talismans by Wat Samnaksong Khao Kud

For Your Eyes Only

From the Hidden Treasures of KoYo Island, one of those hidden treasure - Wat Samnaksong, offers some pretty good amulet talismans mainly Phra Luang Pu Tuad.  As we may already know Luang Pu Tuad is highly venerated to the southern Thai people and for this reason many Arjans from various temples in this region would make this particular talisman bearing this highly sacred monk. 

The most well known batch of Phra LP Tuad was made by Arjan Tim of Wat Changhai in the year B.E.2497.  Since then the same method of making and proper consecrating of Phra LP Tuad talismans was handed down to newer generations of masters to produce such good and effective amulets to serve as protector to wearers.

The current batch of Phra LP Tuad amulets that are available at the temple counter consisted of mass materials as depicted by the poster.  Sacred religious objects and materials were melted and mixed together to form this new batch.

Exhibit of mass materials for making the current batch of LP Tuad amulets.

Exhibit of materials for making LP Tuad amulets.

An array of LP Tuad amulets on display at the temple cabinet for the discerning individuals to serve as protective talisman.

Not far away from the main temple entrance is a staircase leading down hill to a hidden hermitage of Arjan Krang Siang - the monk responsible for producing amulet talismans in order to generate funds for Wat Samnaksong.  Humble and friendly, he lived in this secluded wooden cottage away from the rest of the other monks from the temple.  First time visitors without knowledge will never get to know about this hidden hermitage or Arjan Krang Siang.

It is a big surprise to find out the many treasures lie within the small confinement of Arjan Krang Siang's cottage. For the avid amulet collectors, once you take a glimpse at the sacred artifacts and objects they will know at an instance those are priceless treasures.  It seems more like a museum instead for visitors to view and admire when visiting this secluded cottage hidden from public view.

All amulet talismans designed by Ajahn Krang Siang are distinctively unique with Buddhist symbols and use of many sacred ingredients for every individual pieces.  The word to describe is unique and beautiful masterpieces.

Palm-size round shape amulet talismans made by Arjan Krang Siang.

Triangular shape amulet talisman.

Palm-sized oval shape Phra LP Tuad Sivali talisman made by Arjan Krang Siang.

May this article story able to provide valuable information to the avid amulet collectors and also to Buddhist followers about the hidden treasures of Koyo Island's popular temples.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! 

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