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The Mystery of Guman Thong Explained

The Mystery of Guman Thong Explained & Guman Thong "The Fortune Maker" will provide readers a complete perspective with regards to this spiritual talisman.  Myth or real? It is up to individual to judge. If you believe it is real, it will be real. If you don't believe it will be unreal. But this super legendary talisman continues to be venerated by many believers in South East Asia notably Thailand until this very day.

This would be an interesting read with regards to the understanding of Guman Thong mystery.  The history of this occult practice can only be found in Thailand and nowhere else in this world. We may wonder why would Thai monks make Guman Thong or the 'Golden Child' in the first place. The answer is purely out of compassion for the sufferings of these child beings lacking the condition to be reborn into the higher realms. Monks would help these pitiful child spirits by getting them a temporary body to reside e.g. Loop pendant or Bucha statue.

Being a Guman Thong, they must try to earn enough merits to entangle their past evil karma by helping their owner in order to get a chance to be reborn again. All living beings have to go through ‘samsara’ or sufferings including human beings like us do. Therefore, we must have the compassion to help liberate another suffering being. Hence, do not take for granted by adopting Guman Thong to love and then later abandoning them. This is not a 'Puppy Love' as these child beings deserved a second chance to be loved again.  

Venerating Guman Thong is no different from taking care of children. The owner must not only diligently offer daily food, clothing, and toys but should also frequently communicate with their Guman Thong. It is even more meritorious to let them hear Dhamma recitations and Buddhist chanting as this will help them in gaining wholesome thoughts and right understanding that will eventually liberate them from their sufferings. I would advise you to seriously think about your true motivation for adopting a Guman Thong home.

This short funny TV commercial is what ordinary folks might think a Guman Thong is hard to be satisfied and difficult to be raised as children. The synopsis of this funny commercial clip is just for laughter where the “Guman Thong” throws tantrum demanding his owner to buy him better household materials.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Guman Thongs are not evil spirits as they have been blessed and accepted a vow given by the monks who made them. Their entire objective is to respect and give a helping hand to their benefactor or adopted parents.

In Buddhist concept, we have to seek right understanding in order for knowledge to arise. This concept is applied to meditation practice but certainly can be applied to other areas. It’s only through right understanding only then we can fully comprehend the knowledge. But in most cases, the lack of understanding will eventually lead oneself to believe that Guman Thong are ghostly beings that will cause backfire if they are not being taken care properly. Over the years, many names have been given to Guman Thong e.g. Black Magic Baby, Resident Ghost, Ghost Baby, etc. This actually gave a scary image of Guman Thong and a wrong ideology to many people. It must be noted that there are other black magic occults that are on the real dark side such as Phra Ngan or ghostly spirits that are purely made for evil purpose.

In my understanding we must differentiate two main entities of the underworld; child beings and ghostly beings. Both entities are residing in the ghost realm where we as humans are born in the human realm. Between these 2 entities, the real significance of a child being is that they are being converted to Buddhism by monks who made the talisman. Some child spirits are being selected because they have the Dharma seeds in them and they are deemed suitable to be Guman Thong in the form of Loop or Bucha. If a person really takes care of such Guman Thong well, it will help its benefactor in fulfilling his/her wholesome wishes in this life and the life after next. Even after the little Guman Thongs is reborn, it will still come back as deva or a being from a higher realm somehow to be of service to the benefactor.

A lot of people don’t realize that Guman Thongs can turn good or evil depending on the mind actions of their owners.  Just like any human being they can be a good meritorious person or a bad person depending on his/her mental faculty. To explain this further, an owner can teach the Guman Thong to cultivate in the Dhamma and accumulate merits. Another owner with a weak deluded mind could teach his Guman Thong to do evil actions for his own personal gains knowing that Guman Thong has supernormal abilities.  Guman Thongs are just little children and their fragile minds can be corrupted into evil actions or cultivated to be pure. Karma is a force to be reckoned with as it will haunt the evil doers. Teaching bad stuffs or motivating Guman Thong to do evil misdeeds will lead the owner to suffer in the cycle of rebirth. Therefore, it is right to say a person who owns Guman Thongs should have the correct motivation to earn merit for oneself as well as for these child beings.

There are various reasons why human and all sentient beings have to ceased life. But have you ever wonder why some children die before birth and why such karma takes this cause of effect? Why do monks choose these children spirits to be made into Guman Thong?

The short video clip here is a very sad tale of Guman Thong and the life they have to lead in working hard to help his benefactor in the hope of liberating itself from such tragedy. This cute video clip may make some of us feel saddened knowing that the life of being a Guman Thong is not easy as they have to work very hard to gain merits to be reborn again.

Some experts believe that once a woman had an abortion or a miscarriage, she would have sins whether it’s on purpose or not. When parents have this sin, their karma will be brought over to their descendants. Even when the unborn child is in the underworld, they will have to suffer on behalf of their parents. This is why child spirits only gets to come back after they finish their sentence in hell. Both the unborn child and parents will have to suffer due to that karma.

How long will the child spirits in the underworld take to come back into the human realm? Nobody knows for sure. But what will their sentence be? From certain folk stories all child spirits will be brought to a beach and they are required to finish a difficult task then they can swim over to the other side of the sea to reach the shore. Then they can come up and reunite with their parents. Do note that they are naked and have to bear with hunger and colds. They are required to conduct these tasks before they are able to be reborn with a parent in the human realm.

1) Build a tall pagoda with bricks.

2) Obstacles will be the strong current of the waves that will flush away the bricks.

3) Hell Guardians serving as coast guards holding big clubs with sharp thorns will be patrolling the beach to prevent the children to swim across without finishing their task. Whenever they get to see a Pagoda tall enough for them to finish, they will hit the Pagoda to prevent them from finishing or hit the child who stopped half way. They will hit the children without any mercy and see that they are bleeding and wounded but still working hard and in building the Pagaoda as their only way out to safety.

Those child spirits who can get their pagoda finish will be the luckiest ones. This is the reason why a lot of parents or woman who aborted babies before only gets to feel their lost child's presence after a few years. But some parents will never get to feel or see their lost child.

For those who really get to finish the difficult task and managed to swim across the cold ocean just to survive so that they can come back to find their parents may be dismayed. It would have been a few years already and most of the parents are already with newborn children. And that is why, we have cases like Child spirits hating and hold grudges as they never get the chance to live as newborns. And this is where we have child spirits that cannot leave in peace and follow their parents where ever they go. Some of these unfortunate children spirits can understand. But some cannot and they are grieving deeply.

There are such parents who do not know that their deceased child have suffered so much because of them. Without knowing and fearing that their own child spirit, the heartless parents can even go to the extent to employ exorcist to kill their own child spirits to prevent the child from going near them.

This is why we will have Great ‘Gaeji’ Monks or Ajahns specialized in this field helped them to relief their pains and suffering. Giving them a chance to be loved once again, it is also a chance for them to accumulate merits and help adopting parents (e.g. Guman Thong owners) so that these benefactors can help redeem the child beings sins in order for the child beings to go for a happy rebirth in the Deva realms.

There are 2 different groups of child spirits that are invited to be Guman Thong child beings. These child beings can derive from the heaven grouping and the other from the underworld grouping. The heaven group are given the name as Guman Thep whereas the underworld group is known as Guman Thong. The underworld grouping is usually stronger and could exercise their supernormal power to display their existence whereas the heavenly group is more docile with less show-off their supernormal power in helping their benefactors. Both categories of Guman Thong and Guman Thep are equally effective if they are being properly blessed by the master. Sadly, there are also fake replicas surfacing in the market for those popular Guman Thongs just like the case of replica amulets found in the marketplace. Therefore, it is advisable for you to be wary of those unscrupulous businessmen by conducting a proper research study first before acquiring or adopting a Guman Thong.

Guman Thong made with a combination of the above mentioned 2 spiritual groupings can be best described by the creation of Kao Yod Guman Maha Setthi by LP Nen Kampeero with nicely decorated gold ornaments.  This batch contained materials at the bottom representing 5 child beings from heavenly type and 4 child beings from the underworld. The trademark of this Guman Thong is the 2 pony tails made from real human hairs and seated on base supported by another 8 gold-painted individual Guman Thongs at bottom. A total of 9 (Kao) Guman Thongs together signifying the 9 child beings. It is said that this Kao Yod Guman Thong brings business luck, wealth, and success to his benefactor and they are also an excellent protector.

Sacred ceremonies were held to carve all of the sacred Yant takrut spell known as “Na Ngernma” are placed at the bottom of each Guman bucha by Luang Phor Nen.

Luang Phor Nen also organized further ceremonies which were held at miodnight in the graveyard to ensure that an entity would take up residence in the idol bucha and increase the power further still. 
Finally all of Luang Phor Nen’s Guman were filled with other sacred powders including seven-graveyard soil, Wan Guman Thong, Kafakruk, Kafakkoon, Kafakmayom and at least another nine auspicious Thai plants.
Great Monks and Ajahns following mainstream Buddhism such as Luang Phor Tae, Luang Phor Yeam, Kruba Subin, Luang Phor Chuan, Luang Phor Hong, Ajahn Nikom, Luang Phor Nen, and many others used Buddhist scriptures with their arcane knowledge to invite these unfortunate child spirits to reside in the form of a statue or amulet pendant known as Guman Thong – The Fortune Maker.

Most Guman Thong buchas are depicted with a top knot hair. One may wonder if the 2 pony tails in Guman Thong created by LP Nen is a modern design.  In actual fact this astonishing 2 pony tails Guman Thong design can be traced back to B.E.2499 (AD 1956) where a similar type was created by Luang Phor Tae.

There is another remarkable golden child Ung Pee Jook based on a true story that could help relate the wonders of Guman Thong for readers to comprehend.  Please read the story below and all images are from the temple's website. 

‘Brother Jook’ of Wat Suan Luang in Samut Songkhram

Ung Pee Jook Guman is a powerful ‘Golden Boy’ carved from a large black timber tree. He looks like a boy with a topknot and stands 3 feet tall. He usually turns his right hand and overturns his left, and he wears only one chain across his chest and back. Ung Pee Jook Guman possessed very strong miracle powers and had been admired by people for a very long time.

The abbot of Wat Suan Laung says that his senior told him about the original image idol of Pee Jook Guman was created more than 180 years ago. According to local legend, this miraculous Pee Jook Guman might have been made at the same time when Wat Suan Luang was established about 200 years ago.

Wat Suan Luang had been restored several times over the past decades. The new abbot, Venerable Punyawaro thought about the restoration works of the temple again due to deterioration. Yet, he did not know how to gain enough money to restore the temple hall and its fence, a funeral pyre, a bell tower, and monks’ living quarters. So he prayed in front of the main Buddha statue at the temple and asked Lord Buddha to lead some suggestions for him to find a way to get enough money for that purpose.

One night before he went to sleep, he recited an incantation and meditated. At midnight his mind was completely in peace and he suddenly heard a boy’s voice calling him from the back of the Buddha image. The abbot quietly gazed through the candlelight and he saw a tan skinned boy with a topknot on his head. He did not wear any garment but wore beads around his neck. The boy kept looking at the abbot and said to the abbot that there’s no need to fear. The boy also said that he would help the abbot to find some money to restore the temple again.
The abbot then made an enquiry by asking “My boy, how could we finish restoring our temple? Only the temple hall you need more than a million baht. And how about the temple hall for sermons, the monks’ living quarters, bell tower, funeral pyre, and so on? How can I find a lot of money topknot boy?”  The boy said: “First you have to call me brother Jook because I’m very old and I’ve lived in this temple for a long time. Don’t worry; I’m sure you can restore the temple. There are many talismans here. You can make and give them away for free, then people will come here to find them and you will gain enough money.”

When the abbot finished meditation, he stood up and looked for any talisman that the boy had talked about. His eyes suddenly saw the image of a boy covered with thick dust and he gently cleaned it and found that this talisman looks exactly the same as the topknot boy he saw in his vision during meditation. He was so excited and very happy because Ung Jook Kuman came to offer help in restoring the temple.

Pee Jook Guman also created another miracle highlight before this. Miss Penporn Hoursen brought this Golden Child to live with her in Geneva, Switzerland. She had a restaurant around the Old Town Cross, and said her business ran very well. She used to have a small restaurant and after bringing Pee Jook Guman to live with her, the restaurant business prospered and she managed to own another big restaurant.

Miss Penporn said she nourished Pee Jook Guman with sweet drinks and candy and this golden boy showed her some miracles. Miss Penporn also said that no ants or any insects came to eat the sweets offering while other dishes which are placed not far were covered with ants. This event made her believed in Pee Jook Guman’s presence and supernatural power.

You can worship Pee Jook Guman by reciting Namo incantation and lighting 9 joss sticks, and then say: “Kayaputto mamaputto nimitputto sunyaputto a-rahungputto pakawati.” 

Katha Bucha Pêe Jùk Guman

กา ยะ พุทโธ • นา มะ พุทโธ • สุญญะ พุทโธ

gaa yá pút-toh • naa má pút-toh • sŭn-yá pút-toh

นิมิต พุทโธ • อะ ระ หัง พุทโธ • ภะ คะ วา ติ

ní-mít pút-toh • à rá hăng pút-toh • pá ká waa dtì 


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